Manipulation, I get shivers just thinking about it. No one wants to feel like they are being played or worse, not even know that they are. It’s hard to read people, especially people we’ve known for years.

We may find ourselves in a relationship that lasts years to only find out, they were never really who they said they are. Shut the front door! Manipulation comes in many different forms and every sign deals with it differently.

Through the lies, guilt-tripping, crying, and the Oscar-winning performance, it’s hard for us to see the truth. And the award goes to! If we can understand how to deal with people that take advantage of us and the best way around it, we may just see those red flags waving! Not everyone likes a confrontation. Manipulation is a powerful tool, but if you can see it coming, I promise you can get out of it. You should never feel ashamed of being manipulated, some of us chose to see the good in people, but understand that once a liar, always a liar.

15. We Know, We Just Don’t Care (Sagittarius)

Sagittarius people are mentally strong individuals as some would not have guessed. They seem to ease through life without a care in the world but actually, they are still thinking about that time you lied to them in sixth grade. They remember details and understand things that most people don’t. They are extremely good at reading body language and bad vibes. If they think you are manipulating them, they will try and see past it the first time but never forget.

Never! If it happens more than once, don’t expect a friendship with this sign, or anything more. They’ll hear you out but in their mind, you are already done. This is one of the signs that find it the easiest to cut you out of their life, whether it hurts or not. They really hate to feel disrespected. They won’t get revenge on you, but they will never talk to you again. They’ll play the game with you as you think the entire time they bought your lies. They will kill you with kindness or chose to be silent but deadly. Do you believe in ghosts?

14. Good Luck Trying! (Aquarius)

How do they deal with manipulation? They don’t deal with manipulation. You cannot manipulate this sign period. I am warning you now! You can try, but you’ll see that they no longer have the same phone number, house, name, and never to be reached again. A sign of the true secret agent. They do like the color black. You can’t read them but they can read you. If they sense you are being fake or trying to use them, you’ll see them pull a slight smile, as their mind paints a picture of how they are going to make you regret ever trying to manipulate them.

They will catch you off guard when you least expect it by the copy machine, and play the, “I’m not mad Susan, I’m just disappointed.” They will make you feel guilty, for thinking they are stupid. Sometimes they can be quiet, mainly because they are plotting the master plan. The next time they see you, don’t stare into their eyes, you’ll actually burn.

13. By Manipulation, You Mean Like Lies And Stuff? (Taurus)

Taurus is very smart when it comes to finances and their job, and how to plan the most efficient grocery store route that saves the best mileage on gas and the most on those blood oranges. Very important! But when it comes to dealing with people, the Taurus sign can be very naive. They aren’t a sign that believes in energy or that some people are just bad people. They are! They believe anything they hear and are easily influenced by other’s opinions.

If their friend buys that new Lexus convertible, they will buy the same one, in a much better color than yours, obviously. They are always trying to match the people in their life, and this leads them to be easily manipulated. They care too much about what people think and where they stand on the leader board. They don’t understand how people can lie or guilt trip other people, “they’re just going through a hard time, just ignore them.” Their approach is that everyone can be ignored because they clearly have never worked in customer service before. People are snakes, that’s the point. Team Slytherin in pursuit.

12. Do You Think You Are My Friend Or Something? (Virgo)

This sign doesn’t become easily manipulated and if they do, well you probably weren’t their friend to begin with. They don’t let anybody in unless they fully trust you, which will take some time. Five years and three days to be exact! So if you start pulling lies in the first month or trying to push them to do something they don’t want to, they pretty much will tell you, no. Simple enough? If it becomes an endless ongoing drama with someone, expect this sign to be done with them.

Virgos keep a very tight circle, so it is rare that anyone they don’t feel comfortable with will find their way in. They keep their friends close and their enemies closer. You will think they trust you and tell them your secrets thinking it will make them feel bad, instead they will remember everything you are saying and not use it against you, but slowly build your file for their cabinet labeled “remember them in 15 years.” They will never forget what you’ve done to them and rarely will ever give out a second chance. Come again!

11. Forgive And Forget, Yup A Cliché (Pisces)

Pisces are one of the most loyal signs. They will trust you and will probably help you out if you say you’re in desperate need because this sign loves to be a hero and fix things. Eventually, they may realize a pattern and start to tell you they are busy if they see you using them for rides or for other reasons. They work hard for their money and don’t like moochers. Yes, you. Out of the kindness of their heart, they may allow you in their life if you mean a lot to someone else they know.

They won’t tell them you are a manipulator because they rather not be involved. They are a very easy going sign and tend to let the drama go and drama doesn’t normally come back their way. They are happy go lucky people and don’t really give an opening for people that don’t care or treat them poorly. They are mostly surrounded by family, close friends or people they have hung out with their whole life. If they are in the premise of a manipulator, it may just be out of coincidence at a bar or something and they will be too busy living it up or buying shots for everyone. You’re not important!

10. I’d Love To Get To Know You Some More (Scorpio)

Scorpios can be very loving in a relationship or as a friend, but if they feel in any way like you played them, they will love to tell all your friends about you! So be careful about what secrets you told them, or that person you told them you hated. They will probably end up being their best friend and bond over the fact that they have nothing better to talk about. Real class act! They will talk about you for the next month and it will be highly entertaining. For them, not you.

So how does this sign deal? Bitterness, pettiness, jealousy, you get the point right? When they feel hurt, they want to rant for as long as people are done listening to them. They don’t want to know that the other person is doing better than them, it’s natural, I guess. They hope that people think you are doing poorly without them. They don’t like to be played, and if they feel a bad vibe from you, they have no problem calling you out. Write your autobiography now, or they will write it for you!

9. Stay The (Insert Swear Word) Away (Cancer)

Cancers are very passionate and opinionated people. If they feel like they are being manipulated, they’ll probably just tell you to your face, you’re a (insert more swear words). They aren’t a sign that can deal with nonsense for too long, unless you are a really close friend. Sooner or later they are going to tell you that they are tired of your attitude and see right through your lies.

They are a sign that only has a handful of people in their lives that they trust, so if they feel like they can’t trust you, it may take them a while for them to accept it. They know you are using them, but they hate losing friends, so they push you to change. They’ll tell you they know what you’re doing, they aren’t stupid. They will try and give you chances because they always think people can change. They hope their anger and comments will give you a reality check, and eventually get you to see how you are treating people. Manipulators don’t see how they treat people, I promise you. Don’t expect change! #Realtalk

8. Second Chances Are A Curse (Sagittarius)

Sagittarius people are very open-minded! They become their friends’ therapists and their own when it comes to a dilemma or drama. If they see that you were valuable at one point in their life, they may try and see how you can be again. They hate to lose touch with people and always believe you’ve learned a lesson. But a sign that gives a lot of chances tends to be taken for granted. They know they are being nice, but are too scared of hurting other people’s feelings.

They forget that they are the one being treated poorly, yet they cannot reach the level of their manipulator. They will let it go on for as long as they feel necessary, sometimes until they realize what is truly wrong with this person. They see them as a damaged person that can’t live with reality and only in a fake world. Someone that lies is insecure and they understand that, so they will give you a chance to explain. Once they see you are not damaged but just have no respect for others, sorry, no round three!

7. But You Have Really Nice Hair (Gemini)

Gemini is such a lovable sign and is always up for a new adventure and meeting new people. Sometimes they can easily be manipulated by compliments. If they know this person treated their friend badly, they will still be their friend because “they weren’t mean to me?” They just want to be liked by everyone and it leaves them to be easily influenced. If this person makes them feel good, they might not see passed their manipulation.

“They said they like my new backpack!” If they feel alone, or they aren’t feeling confident, they will still want you around. They will take a lot of manipulation, but mainly because they are shy and need a lot of admiration. They never think what they do is good, so if someone is telling them positive reinforcement, whether they believe it or not, they may accept it. Eventually, they will hope that you will cut things off because they can’t find the strength to do it themselves. They know you’re bad, but, “You think I’m cool?”

6. Do I Have To Deal With This? (Capricorn)

Capricorns don’t like to be played, but they won’t cut you out or deal with the situation. If they feel like you are lying to them, they will probably continue a friendship and just call you a bad friend. They don’t want to deal with anything that causes them to get off their couch and make real physical contact with anyone but their dog. They like to stay in and hide from the world, so if you are causing them stress or trying to get them to do something they don’t like, I mean, they probably won’t leave the house anyway.

They stay in their bubble and only really need two friends. They vanish from the world, and get hooked on their hobbies and don’t really have time to deal with you crying. They can be selfish in that sense, so even if you weren’t lying, but you live 15 minutes away? “No, I am not coming over. I have a huge party to go to!” Check their Snapchat story, they are building pillow forts!

5. I Probably Won’t Know You In A Year From Now (Aries)

If you’re trying to mess with an Aries, I mean, just think about when is the last time you saw them reply to your text anyways. Message never delivered. If you don’t fit in their life, they will probably just stop talking to you, unless you have something they need, like a drive to Toronto for that new music festival or something.

This sign is living life on the go, and they aren’t even thinking about the fact that you are trying to manipulate them to do something they don’t want to, because truth is, they just aren’t going to do it, or will just never answer you. They don’t care! They aren’t too attached to their phones and are usually on the road, so if you can catch them for a minute or two, they will probably tell you they are in a rush anyways. They don’t care for lies or bullying and have no interest in anything that isn’t “fun.” Sorry, the music is too loud!

4. I’ll Text You Some Harsh Words Later (Libra)

Libras aren’t the best at confrontation because they do have short tempers. If you are trying to manipulate them in person, or if they feel like they are being lied to, don’t expect them to just comply with your approach. They will either shred you to pieces or text you later. This is a sign that tends to use their phones as a crutch. They feel like they can take their time to clearly decipher what you are saying, but they generally don’t trust anyone.

If they had it their way they would tell you what they think of you through a funny meme. They have trouble speaking seriously or seeing other people’s point of views. If you are trying to convince them that you lost all your money gambling or need money for rent, they probably won’t care. If you are trying to manipulate this sign, I mean they probably didn’t trust you in the first place. They don’t believe people care, even if they say they do, so if you are trying to guilt trip this sign into trusting you, good luck chuck!

3. I Am The One Who Knocks (Leo)

Leo is the ruler of the planet Manipula. Okay, that was lame, but it’s true. How do they deal with manipulation? It doesn’t matter because they are manipulating you back. If they feel insecure or that you are lying to them, they will pull all the tricks on you, until you pay. How do they deal? They get even. So watch out! Guilt trip is their favorite form of manipulation and revenge is their middle name. They love to feel powerful and will find the one personal thing you told them and use it against you.

They don’t let anyone mess with their brain or their heart. If they feel like you are trying to brainwash them or screw them over in any way, they will go total Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho on you. Over exaggerated, I know! They don’t take it lightly though. This sign loves confrontation and will show up to your door, knock knock. They love to play the game, but if you pull on their heartstrings they may weaken, but not for long. Don’t let the game go too far unless you are willing to move to another city. They’ll even show up to your going away party!

2. I Love The Torture (Scorpio)

Scorpio’s biggest fear is to feel like they can’t trust you. But a part of them loves to be tortured. They don’t see the harm in it, if they love you and you are manipulating them, they will kind of crumble. Through friends, they won’t take the brain games, but with a loved one, they may take more than they deserve, always going in for seconds. They want to show that person how much they can do for them and how they always think of the little things.

They are an extremely loyal sign, and by being that way they can easily get taken advantage of. They love the idea of a house and family that they do not want to let it go. No matter what their friends say, this sign will be in a fairytale world, believing everything their partner is reciting. They have to learn for themselves. They may come back for more but after the second time, they will be done with you. They will never be able to feel the same and after that, your tricks will no longer work. Find another victim!

1. Well, I’m Not That Nice (Gemini)

Though this sign can be very naive to those around them, if they become confident in themselves, they will not be afraid to tell you to stop this pretty little liars game. If things are going good in their life, you’ll be left far behind. This sign hates letting people go, but if your space has been filled with better people, a new job, or that new series on HBO they will slowly let you go. They meet new people easily and retain friends quickly. They love to keep in touch with people and may get trapped in another friend request.

The request will grow into nothing more than a facebook chat. They may say a couple of words and then drop the conversation. They will contemplate meeting up with this manipulative person, but eventually, their anxiety will never let them follow through. They need to work on themselves and their self-esteem constantly if they are feeling alone. They are extremely intelligent individuals though and if they made up their mind about something or someone, you will forever be labeled as a liar. Don’t expect emojis!

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