Are you a Cancer woman seeking out the best match possible? Here are some basic things you should know about each guy in the zodiac. This can help you put together what you need to see which fit is best.

Cancer Woman And ARIES MAN Compatibility…

This can make quite a match as the Aries man is the protector and wants to rescue his damsel. The Cancer woman is more than happy to be the damsel in distress for him as well.

He is the type to want to keep his lady safe and she’s the lady who loves to cook him meals at home. She will take care of her tough guy as he’ll be happy to make sure she’s happy in their nest and in bed.

The only real problems that could come up between these two is when he wants a little time to himself and she doesn’t understand that it’s healthy. He may start to feel as though she’s being a bit overbearing.

He also isn’t good with drama and emotion while the Cancer woman will dish out plenty of both. It will be hard for him to cope. If the two can keep open communication; they can make it work.

Cancer Woman And TAURUS MAN Compatibility

This match is actually quite nice. The Taurus man wants the same thing that his Cancer woman wants which is security and stability in a relationship. He will want to be nurtured. The Cancer lady is definitely able to do that.

She will want to feel safe and know her guy isn’t going anywhere. He isn’t too strict on the time apart as Aries but he will still need a little time to himself. He will be able to calm his Cancer woman when she gets too emotional or upset.

His calm demeanor keeps stability moving for the both of them. These two make for an excellent family environment and love partners. The Cancer woman will likely cook her Taurus guy amazing meals.

Though they can sometimes have some minor altercations; they are typically able to work past it and move forward in great love and strength together. Sex will be amazing here.

Cancer Woman And GEMINI MAN Compatibility…

What initially attracts these two is likely the fact that both of them have interchanging emotions. Both are rather unpredictable as far as how they may feel at any given time. This helps them understand each other better.

In bed; they’re both able to be inventive and have a wonderful time with each other as far as intimacy is concerned. The problem that may develop between them is the Cancer’s jealousy toward the Gemini’s flirty nature.

The Gemini man may bring out the worst in the Cancer woman emotionally. He sees no harm in flirting lightly with every woman he’s around. She will be insecure and wonder if it’s her or something she isn’t doing right.

This insecurity could make the relationship fall apart. However; if these two can work at a compromise; they can still make it work if they truly both want to. That will be what they have to determine.

Cancer Woman And CANCER MAN Compatibility…

As with other signs; the Cancer mixed with another Cancer would work every well. Both are emotional but have a deep understanding of one another. They will likely be friends first and let it build from there.

The two should be able to talk to each other fairly easily and though she can be a bit more emotional than he will; he will understand which makes it easy for these two to be close.

The bedroom will typically not be an issue either. Things will be natural and quite easily flowing between the match. Comfort and security is what these two can provide for each other thus making a happy match.

If things get too heated during arguments; the two could find emotions that previously may have not have been there. However; they should be able to get it under control and back on track. It will take a little work but nothing they can’t handle.

Cancer Woman And LEO MAN Compatibility…

These two are the epitome of the male/female energy combination. Leo is the strong dominant male and the Cancer woman is the feminine and soothing woman. She will take care of her Leo man with the greatest of ease.

The Leo man will be her champion and want to make sure his woman is his Queen. The romance between these two will be passionate and strong. This is a dynamic due to be sure.

It’s likely that the two will be able to see and appreciate each other’s differences instead of becoming angry and resentful. Where they could have issues is his dominance trying to take over and becoming too pushy.

She could also become too overly emotional. If these two can establish an open line of solid communication with love; the two can get through the problems that could develop and have a smooth love together for the long haul.

Cancer Woman And VIRGO MAN Compatibility…

This relationship will do well if it’s built over time rather than rushed into. Virgo likes to take his time and cultivate things in order to make it secure and wonderful. The Cancer woman who is caring will want to take care of him.

The Virgo man will become her dependable knight in shining armor and she will become his patient, nurturing lady love. These two are very satisfied sexually so intimacy will likely not be an issue here.

It’s a good idea for these two to be very open and honest with each other from the start. This should help the two form a very dependable setting to go forward with. The Virgo man will require a bit of space though.

The Cancer woman will have to allow him the trust to let him have that space so that he can come home to her and live the happy home life with her.

Cancer Woman And LIBRA MAN Compatibility…

The Libra man is a bit on the old fashioned side and will want to take his time with getting together. He will want to court his Cancer lady the old school way. This also means there will likely be lots of romance.

These two blend well with intellectual conversations. Everything will go step by step and not an inch further. This helps build a strong connection for the future.

The Libra man is in touch with his feminine side and should be able to understand his Cancer woman’s feelings enough to be empathetic to her upsets. They will certainly gel well when it comes to intimacy.

The only issue between them would be when the Libra man wants to be social and his Cancer woman doesn’t want to share him. He may give in to her which could make him build resentment overtime. To avoid this happening; she’ll need to allow him a little space.

Cancer Woman And SCORPIO MAN Compatibility…

These two are emotionally driven people. This could either push them together to form a strong bond or it could keep them from getting too entirely close. The Cancer woman is a caretaker and lover.

The Scorpio man is sexually charged. The sex would probably be quite amazing. Relationship wise; there could be conflict here. However; both are possessive and jealous so they sort of cancel each other out in a really good way.

They’re both happy being together most of the time. Due to emotions; they will both have to compromise and work at it to make it last. The Cancer woman will need to refrain from pushing her Scorpio man too much.

He doesn’t respond well with being told what to do. So a nice calm approach will help soothe him and give him reassurance that things are just fine. This could be a beautiful relationship between the two.

Cancer Woman And SAGITTARIUS MAN Compatibility…

Intellect is something these two have in common and is probably what will draw them to one another. A good old fashioned witty conversation will help them to figure out they may be a match.

The bedroom will bring some appeals as the Sagittarius man is able to introduce new techniques to the Cancer woman that she may find very appealing. Adventure can definitely happen in between the sheets for these two.

The Sagittarius may have too much of a free mind for the Cancer in the long run. She will want security and the Sagittarius will want to maintain some sense of personal freedom.

These two could bump heads when the Cancer woman wants to keep her Sagittarius man at home. There will have to be some heavy conversations and compromise to make it work but; it IS possible. He would have to slow down and she would have to let him have some personal time.

Cancer Woman And CAPRICORN MAN Compatibility…

These two are the type of couple that would make a wonderful family together. They both are serious about relationships and emotions. This makes them compatible.

There won’t be too much misunderstanding here. Capricorn will give the Cancer the security she seeks and he will be the stand up guy. They will be terrific working on finances together. Business and family could both be very successful.

They will also work well in the bedroom. Cancer is open-minded and Capricorn can be very kinky. The two combined will probably pave the way for a fulfilling and exciting sexual situation.

The Cancer lady will have to be understanding of her Capricorn man’s desire to work hard. He could be a bit of a workaholic too which means she will need to share him with his career. That may not be easy but if she can; the relationship can succeed nicely.

Cancer Woman And AQUARIUS MAN Compatibility…

There seems to be some strong chemistry between these two. The Aquarius man will want to take things slowly. He will absolutely adore his Cancer woman’s ability to create amazing conversation.

He will be impressed by her intellect which is a real turn on. Aquarius men seek adventure and stimulation and for awhile; the Cancer woman can feed this fire inside him. Between the sheets will be fairly spectacular.

She will need to let go of her shyness and any inhibition she may have in order to fully experience her Aquarius man in all his glory. She will provide him with a nurturing partner of which he; will give her stability.

The need for care will be when the Aquarius man wants to have his own personal free time. If this gets pulled from him; he will feel compelled to want to break free. There will have to be some ground rules set so that the two can succeed.

Cancer Woman And PISCES MAN Compatibility…

These two are quite a pair. They flow with each other easily. They have a connection that others may not understand or compete with. They are both emotionally driven yet they comprehend each other.

The two of them are dreamy together and appreciate each other’s aspirations. They will help each other achieve their life goals and dreams. The Pisces man will provide the Cancer woman with a wonderful future.

There will not likely be a loss of romance between these two as they both move with the rhythm of their hearts; together. Sex will be incredibly romantic and somewhat spiritual. The two will become “one” quite easily.

The only issue these two could possibly encounter is emotional overload from either side of the relationship. They would do well with learning how to ground themselves or each other so that this doesn’t short either of them out. Otherwise; this love should be a strong one.

With all these wonderful men to choose from; there are some definitive favorites for the Cancer woman. Sun signs will absolutely give you a surface idea of what may or may not work well for you. Remember to always trust your own heart and intuition.

While the sun signs can give you some of the information you seek; when you meet someone; it may be very important for you to look deeper into who he is at the core. /by Anna Kovach

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