The Taurus, born April 20 to May 20, is a sign that gets shit done. You know when David Bowie sings in “Modern Love”, “I know when to go out…know when to stay in…get things done”? He may as well be singing about a Taurus.

When choosing a place for your Taurus date, go for fine dining. The Taurus enjoys a good wine or craft beer with their delicious meal. They’re also usually artistic types, so this is when you whip out your best hipster dining place and drag them there. I say drag, because their animal mascot, the bull, means that yes, they can be stubborn. They don’t do it to be purposefully difficult; they just have their way and are big fans of their way. They can be prone to rescheduling plans quite a bit, so be ready for that. But once you get them, they’re ready.

You may even want to bring flowers for your Taurus date. The Taurus is a sign that loves material things and tokens of appreciation. To the Taurus, flowers say, “Hey there, I’m here for you. Thanks for joining me.” Not a bad way to start out the night. Of course, they may silently complain about having to hold the flowers all night, but ultimately, they’ll appreciate it.

Why? Because the Taurus loves to focus on the beauty in their lives. To them, that could mean pretty flowers, but it could also mean the incredible project that they just completed. They’re always working on some kind of creative project on the side, or straight up front – a creative day job for the Taurus is a must. So ask them about what they’re working on, what music they’re into, and what they’re reading. Taurus can be sentimental beings, more so than the other signs, but that doesn’t mean their head is in the clouds. They’re very much grounded in reality, so if they think this relationship isn’t gonna work, they’ll let you know, and pretty damn quickly. They’re still romantics deep down– they’re just realistic about their romances.

Taurus don’t hide their feelings. If something’s not working for them, they’ll let you know. They probably won’t have a detailed conversation about it; they take the more Randy Marsh “See ya!” approach. But if they decide to stick around, you’ll find their loyalty astounding. They make Jiminy Cricket look like a fickle little bitch. And unlike those prickly Scorpios, they won’t turn on you either. (Am I right, fellow Scorps? When someone turns on us, we turn right back, forever. Q: How can you tell if a Scorpio is mad at you? A: Your life is in ruins.) The Taurus is strong, in every sense of the word.

Which means that once they get an idea, they’re gonna stick with it, even if you think it’s a terrible idea. If a Taurus guy wants to date you, he’s going to be very persistent about it, even if you live in different states. He’ll be realistic about it, in that he knows you won’t be able to spend lots of time together, but if it’s what he wants, he’s going to go after it with Walter White precision. The Taurus is the one who knocks. Answer carefully. /Almie Rose

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