Taurus men can be exceptionally attentive and loving if they feel safe and secure. You may have got other men obsessed with you by making them jealous or pretending that you are not at all interested but this won’t work with a Taurus man.

Taurus men are prone to insecurity and if they feel unappreciated or threatened, their dark side will show.

They can hold a grudge for life and be exceptionally patient and underhand in getting their revenge, so unless you want an enemy for life, treat your Taurus man like the fragile, sensitive soul that he is.

Make it clear that you like him

He may go extreme lengths to hide his feelings at the start of a relationship, but do not assume that he is not interested.

Taurus men take their time to observe a prospective partner and they examine all the evidence you present to them as they weigh up the potential of a romance to become a stable relationship.

He may seem to lack interest, but he is probably watching you quite closely for any sign of the red flags that will set him off or break his heart If you show signs of being uninterested, or unavailable or unfaithful at, this time, you may lose him completely.

Flirting with other men, ignoring him or being manipulative is the very worst thing you could do. He needs to feel comfortable, secure and welcome before he makes his move.

Give him time to decide he wants you

Taurus men take relationships seriously and they are seldom interested in a quick hot affair or a tempestuous short-lived fling.

He is looking for soul mate, and you need to be patient while he makes up his mind that you are right for him. Be open, honest, warm and sincere and above all, prepare to be extremely patient as this process can take time and Taurus hates to be rushed.

When he does eventually declare his feelings you may be surprised at how deep and certain they are, but you cannot force him to get there in any way other than the one he knows.

Taurus men don’t change their ways without putting up a tremendous fight, so be ladylike and wait for him to make his deliberate, bullish, romantic moves.

Make him comfortable

Push a Taurus man out of his comfort zone and he will dig in his heels and push back-back with a stubborn persistence that will wear you both out.

You can be certain that, no matter how tired he gets, he won’t give up until he wins. He is a complex person, who will not respond well to efforts at manipulation or attempts to make him change.

Your best bet is to know your worth and make yourself desirable to him as one of the finer things in life that he so badly desires.

Do this calmly and don’t try to shock him, or make him jealous or cause any scenes, as he needs to feel secure and safe before he makes his play for your heart.

Win his trust to get his full attention

Red flags for the bull are any hint that flirting with other men, or any sense that you cannot be trusted to be faithful.

He needs clear signals that you want him and no one else, which you may find strange, as most men run a mile if you show them how much you care, but with Taurus men the opposite is true.

Talking about your exes is a big mistake if you want to keep a Taurus man enthralled. His fragile ego will start brooding and he can be a masterful passive-aggressive manipulator who will go so far as to spy on you or spend the rest of his life plotting your downfall.

Let him take the lead

A Taurus man wants to be pursued, loved and adored but he also wants to be in control and take his time deciding that you are the one.

If you think about it, that may not be so far from what you want as well, so treat him the way you want to be treated, be brave enough to show him your feelings, but don’t try to force him to act until he is ready.

Make the effort to discover what he likes and what he needs, and make an effort to please him, but don’t force the issue or ask him how he feels, as he needs time and he wants to do things his way, in his own time, and without being asked to change or hurry up.

Give him lots of praise and attention

Taurus men are warm and devoted partners and sex, affection and beauty are all very important to them. Putting him down or making him feel small will not make him feel lucky to have you or make him love you more, in fact quite the opposite is true.

Your Taurus man needs to be told how wonderful and handsome and capable and special and very useful he is, and he needs to hear it more often that you might think. Spoil him with massages, run him fragrant hot baths and cook him special meals, to really win his heart. /Anna Kovach

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