Are you a woman who is curious if the guy you are interested in likes you? Here is how each man’s sign shows you if they are into you and potentially want to get to know you more.

Keep in mind that compatibility has more factors involved but; these are the basics to help you assess the possibilities.

How To Tell If An Aries Man Likes You…

The Aries man is one that likes to show the woman he likes how he feels by gifting her, taking care of her, being the one that comes to her rescue, and pays attention to details of what you really like.

He will also be protective as he likes to keep the woman of his affections safe from any possible harm. He will want to touch you as often as he can. If he’s already made a connection with you; he’ll want to kiss you a whole lot also.

This man is very sensual and will want to show you with his hands and lips how he feels about you. Typically once you’ve let him know you’re interested; he will let you know how he feels about you as well.

If you initiate; he’ll follow through. Rest assured that the Aries man doesn’t typically hide it if he likes you.

How To Tell If A Taurus Man Likes You…

Taurus men are not too entirely different than Aries. He also would rather prove to you with his actions how he feels than to come out and say it.

He will be very thoughtful, he will ask you important life questions, he’ll want to be around you as often as he can, and he’ll like a giddy little boy. If you two have not yet connected; you may notice how shy he seems when you’re around.

It wouldn’t be at all unusual if he giggles and blushes. He could also have a loss for words when you’re around. He will be obvious in the way that he’ll show up wherever you are try to be around you even if he’s not talking.

If you haven’t told him yet that you like him; go ahead and show him a way to let him know. He’ll be glad you initiated and take it from there.

How To Tell If A Gemini Man Likes You…

This man is naturally flirty. He will have no trouble at all reaching out to you and letting you know that he has some interest in you. If he hasn’t already; he may not be aware how you feel.

All you really need do with the Gemini is let him know you like him. This will spark things up and he’ll respond to you in an appropriate way. If he likes you.; he’ll try to get to know you more.

This guy really likes to talk and when he likes someone; he’ll become very chatty and ask questions that are of future type of circumstances. This is how he figures out if you’re someone who is the right fit for him.

He will also likely text you a bunch if he has your number. It’s not uncommon for a Gemini man to walk up to you and just ask you for it.

How To Tell If A Cancer Man Likes You…

The Cancer man has no problem pursuing the woman he is into. If he isn’t aware that you are into him; you may want to give him some sort of signal. Men can sometimes be oblivious.

Cancer men are the ones that like to reach out, be affectionate, and show great care for you. He may tell you how he feels right away because he isn’t one that likes to hide himself emotionally for the woman he cares for.

While he can become a bit fearful; if he really is into you; he’ll reach out and do what he can to get to know who you truly are at the core. He’ll be affectionate and treat you like royalty.

This emotionally equipped guy may send you songs, poetry, or write you sonnets. He’s very dreamy and romantic. If it’s at the beginning stages; he’ll try to touch your hand or arm at any opportunity.

How To Tell If A Leo Man Likes You…

The Leo man is a chivalrous one. If he is into you; he’ll hold the door open for you, bring you coffee, and do other various romantic gestures so that you are certain he likes you.

He will likely have no fear in approaching you and telling you that he’d like to take you out. When he does take you out; you can rest assured it will be a very romantic date.

He’s the type that will take you for a moonlit stroll through the park, candlelit dinner, or a carriage ride perhaps. He loves to wine and dine the lady of his interest.

The Leo man often shows his dominance around other people; particularly men. He wants to make sure that he’s the one that you’re with and that they know it as well. He may even possibly take you dancing; anything to have you very close to him.

How To Tell If A Virgo Man Likes You…

Virgo men easily open up and tell you how they feel. If you aren’t sure if he’s interested then either something is off or he doesn’t know you’re interested in him.

If he is unaware that you like him; try to let him know somehow. Once he knows you’ll know very quickly if he’s also into you. Virgo talks about their feelings and they like to show you with romantic gestures.

The Virgo man likes to spend a lot of time with you. He will chase or pursue you as it makes him feel manlier to be the one on top. If you like him; try not to chase him; let him do the work.

This is the guy that will call you a lot or text you. He wants to stay in contact with the woman he’s really into. It’s his way of getting to know you and also his way of being close.

How To Tell If A Libra Man Likes You…

Libra men are very flirtatious. Though he can flirt with the best of them; when he’s into you; he’ll actually make it fairly obvious. He’ll call you daily or text you to make sure there is a connection.

When a Libra man is digging on you; he’ll start to open up to you. He will also ask you questions about your life dreams and/or goals. He wants to know who you are at the core.

If he’s starting to fall for you; he’ll want to talk about exclusivity. He’ll decide that playing the field isn’t really where it’s at. He wants to connect with the woman he most adores.

He will display generosity in either helping you with some issue that you may have or he will help you in other ways. The woman of this man’s adoration will get lots of love and affection. He’ll also drop his guard more to let you in.

How To Tell If A Scorpio Man Likes You…

The Scorpio man is rather obvious when he likes a woman. He will be the guy you catch staring at you from across the room. He’ll give you that certain sultry look that you cannot resist.

If he wants to get to know you more, he will approach you in a very suave way. He has a demeanor that is really seductive. It’s hard to not notice it when a Scorpio man likes you.

He’s another one that wants to text you every single day to maintain a connection. While he isn’t one for too many words; he does tend to know how to touch you in a way that you know what he’s thinking.

You may notice that he wants to make sure all your free time is with him. He can be a bit possessive with the woman of his interest. He wants you to be with him so that you can build your bond.

How To Tell If A Sagittarius Man Likes You…

The Sagittarius guy is an adventurer and intellectual. He will try to figure out what you like and will do whatever he can to appeal to that. He wants to do the things you really enjoy.

If you aren’t already dating him; he will come forward and flirt with you in a way that makes you feel special. You’ll feel you’re the only one he has his eyes on and that’s what he wants.

Though he loves freedom; he is willing to give some of it up for the right woman. You’ll know because he’ll make it evident by spending lots of time with you or in contacting you.

It’s likely he will be very nice, loving, loyal, complimentary, and is likely to just come out and tell you openly that he’s very interested in getting to know you better. He may actually ask you to be exclusive as well.

How To Tell If A Capricorn Man Likes You…

The Capricorn man will become shy and silly around the woman he likes. He seems to lose his ability to talk when she’s around. If you find that he seems to freeze up when you talk; he probably likes you.

Just like all the other facets of his life; the Capricorn man will treat love like serious business. This means his devotion will run deeply. He isn’t in it to play around or play games.

When a Capricorn man is into you; he’ll treat you as though you’re a huge priority in his life. He may display signs of possessiveness but it’s because he doesn’t want anyone to steal what is his.

If you are sick or in need of his help; Capricorn will want to take care of you. It’s his nature to make sure the woman he loves is safe, secure, and healthy. If he shows care; he likes you.

How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Likes You…

The Aquarius man will want to have a really good friendship with you first and foremost. If he seems to want to develop this then he definitely likes you. He takes his time when it comes to building and he is honest.

If he wants to build it with you though; he’s into you. This man is another caretaker so if you find him fussing over you; he may have feelings for you.

He will find things near and dear to your heart to work with in order to show you how he feels. If you love dogs and he brings you a puppy; he may be into you. He may bring you your favorite candy or movie as a gift.

This man will pay attention to what you love in life and will do whatever he can to make sure that you are happy. He’s happy when you are happy.

How To Tell If A Pisces Man Likes You…

The Pisces man is the dreamiest of the signs. He will want to romance you and show you he isn’t just like every other guy. He will want to talk to you about your dreams and passions in life.

Pisces men are very flirty; especially to the woman he’s interested in. He will spend more time getting to know you. He’s ultimately looking for his soul mate. If you find him asking you lots of personal questions; he’s into you.

If he is finding you interesting; he’ll also integrate you into his daily routines. It’s as though you’re already becoming a fixture; even if you are not a couple quite yet.

He may not text you a whole lot but he will make sure he does every single day. Keeping a connection is important to him. You may also notice that he seems to mysteriously message you when you’re thinking about him.

While this article gives you a good general idea of how each sign operates in being interested in you; it may be important to dig a big deeper and find out just how compatible you are.

It’s important to look at not only your sun signs but also your moon signs as well as ascendant signs to see what your level of compatibility may be.

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