In the first half of the day, dear Taurus, you can find yourself quite distracted. There is a strong urge to get things done with you at this time, but your attention is divided, and you can find it difficult prioritizing or concentrating.

You might miss important details as a result. There’s a tendency to misjudge how much effort (or money) a project requires.

Your desire to go your own way and follow your interests can clash with your dedication to a home project or family activity.

As the day advances, you’re likely to find easier channels of focus or for enjoyment. The Moon in your solar twelfth house all day suggests the need to withdraw or unwind to get your bearings.

An attraction to someone at work might prompt you to fire on all cylinders today. There’s a twinkle in your eye and an extra bounce in your step.

Unfortunately, the other person may not share your emotional state of mind, which could create an awkward dynamic of imbalanced energy.

The good news is you probably won’t say anything if you sense an unhappy ending to your potential disclosure.

Sometimes it’s better to stay silent than to tell others how you feel. Wait until you get a green light before revealing your heart.

The Sun’s departure from Taurus over the weekend may have brought your birthday month to a close, but your heart is yet to even have its say.

Venus is still two weeks away from Taurus and held back by her retrograde phase it is your heart that will have the final say.

While Mercury has stayed behind to help you make choices, decisions and plans, when it comes to things close to your heart you can afford to keep your options open.

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