On the 6th of March, at 16:04 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Pisces, forming the New Moon. This is a unique New Moon, as Mercury turned retrograde less than a day before it, and Uranus changed its zodiac a few hours before the accurate conjunction of the Sun and the Moon.

Uranus’ change of signs won’t affect just the New Moon and waxing Moon period, but it will affect the coming years, until 2025, as well. Therefore, a new era is starting with this New Moon.

New Moon Predictions for Aries:

Despite the difficulties the Retrograde Mercury may bring forth, work and career matters, as well as money matters receive mostly beneficial influences.

Therefore, proceed carefully, wisely, but bravely, too. Some well planned risks are also advisable. Just make sure you have planned them carefully and thoroughly.

Studies, researches, artistic careers and hobbies can face some more challenges than other occupations. Nonetheless, overcoming these challenges is possible and, if you mange to do that, the outcome will be better than you’d think, most probably.

Spiritual powers will be quite active and capable, but they can become unreliable and inaccurate, too. Therefore, intuition, omen reading and methods like those should be taken only as food for thought and you shouldn’t base your decisions entirely on such methods.

New Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Although money is not bad, it can be more stressed and difficult during this period. This is partly because of your tendency to spend more and more carelessly. Avoid this can help a lot. Some unpredictable expenses, though, can also come your way.

Trade, and especially trade of services can also face some challenges. Health, although is mostly good, can occasionally get endangered, mostly because of carelessness.

Other than those, though, things are mostly good and much progress can happen under the influences of this New Moon and the waxing Moon period. Work, studies and your personal projects, all receive supporting influences.

You can also find people and things you’ve been searching for some time now. This influence doesn’t affect finding a potential love, though.

New Moon Predictions for Gemini:

The New Moon and the waxing Moon period empower your spiritual and magical powers. Using them to advance in your career can have great results. Psychics, mediums, and other people that use such abilities for professional reasons can have a very good period, despite the Retrograde Mercury.

All other careers also receive beneficial influences, just not as strong. Layers, legal advisors and the like, though, may have it a little more difficulty than the rest.

Business meetings can become a bit unproductive and stressful during the whole period, even when the Moon supports them. Of course, then, they will be more productive than during the rest of the days.

Also, legal issues, and especially those you’ve been neglecting, can come knocking your door. In most cases, though, you can manage them quite well, and they’ll do nothing more than stress you.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Work can become quite stressful during this period. Not necessarily unproductive, or bad. Tiresome and stressful, most likely. Trade, of course, and whatever falls under the direct influences of the Retrograde Mercury, will experience more challenges.

Health, and especially mental health and well being also need some more attention. In most cases, nothing you can’t avoid with a little more care.

Social life gets better. Re-connecting with friends and acquittance you’ve lost contact with is possible. Some times, by accident, too, but most of the times this will be a pleasant and not a stressful happening.

Healing your relationships, including the one with your spouse or current love is also possible.

New Moon Predictions for Leo:

Love and sex life need some extra attention and care during this period. Singles searching for a relationship won’t be that lucky, but those in a relationship can have it a little difficult as well. Being less demanding and more understanding can help a lot.

This doesn’t mean you should insult your self-respect. It mostly means you should control your ego and understand that your other half may need your support and understanding as much as you need theirs, or more.

Work and career matters, on the other hand, receive mostly good energies. Things won’t be always easy going and pleasant, but progress is happening. Successes, too.

Even careers directly falling under the influences of the Retrograde Mercury will experience these benefits, despite any obstacles Mercury will add.

New Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Home, family and your other half can cause you some stress under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Misunderstandings are also possible. Overcoming these challenges can make your relationship with them a better one.

About your home, you can make it a better place to live in, or otherwise benefit it in a long-term manner. Changing your place of living is possible to happen, and it will be stressful enough. Doing it by choice is not recommended, but if you have to do it, be patient and search thoroughly.

Other than what we’ve already mentioned, love life is quite good during this period. People are attracted by you, too. Ex loves, or people reminding you ex-loves, can appear.

This includes people you’ve fallen for, but a relationship was never formed. Work also receives some positive influences, just not really strong ones.

New Moon Predictions for Libra:

Health and healing receive mostly beneficial influences. Accidents are possible, though. Also, the legs and the head are quite sensitive and need some attention.

On the other hand, existing problems can have a significant pleasant progress, or you may overcome them completely. Also, healers, both traditional and alternative can have a very good period work-wise.

In fact, work receives very good influences from the New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Trade, transportations, communications, and whatever falls under the direct influences of the Retrograde Mercury can face some more challenges than the rest, but even them will be good enough, or even better.

Home and family life also receive mostly beneficial influences and healing problems there, as well as strengthening and deepening your bonds with your family and whomever you consider as such are possible to happen.

New Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Money needs some extra attention during this period. Obligations, some of which you may have forgotten about, or neglected, as well as some new and unforeseen ones can become demanding under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

On top of those you have a tendency to overspend recklessly. At least, this part you can control, and do so. Earnings can also become more difficult.

Other than those, though, this period is quite pleasant, happy and lucky, for most matters. Love lie is included. Both those in a relationship and the singles can enjoy this influences. For the singles, mostly the ones that have been searching for a new love for some time now.

Accidentally meeting your dream love, without trying, it’s not what this New Moon promises. Paradoxically, it doesn’t promise it won’t make it happen, either. But it does promise to help you a lot.

New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

There is some stress in your life coming from many directions during this waxing Moon period. Home and family can add to it, a lot, in some cases. Nonetheless, it’s nothing you can’t overcome, victoriously, where this is applicable.

In most cases obligations feel overwhelming, but, in fact, they aren’t as powerful as you are. Therefore, change your outlook and realise you can do it!

Work and money matters both receive very good and supporting influences. Repaying debts, finding sponsors or financial supporters and whatever can heal and enhance your financial situation are all possible.

A pay raise, or a better paying job can also be the ways this influence will manifest in your life. Whomever earns money from property can have an even better period.

New Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

Travelling and transportations can always face some issues during a Retrograde Mercury, but you should be even more careful and cautious regarding these. Communications can also become a bit problematic.

Having the tendency to interpret everything more negatively than necessary, will also add to this problem, so try to control this tendency.

Other than those, though, this is a mostly lucky and pleasant New Moon and waxing Moon period. You are being active and productive. Furthermore, you seem to be able to do things easier than usual.

In some cases, you are receiving unexpected, or more willing than usual, help. Also, siblings and friends enjoy being with you and you are usually having a nice time being with them.

New Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Trade and especially trade of services and trade of high-tech equipment can face many obstacles and difficulties under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

Also, your own smartphones, computers and the like can need some repairs or changes. If you simply want to change them, though, avoid doing that during the Retrograde Mercury and even more so during this period.

But money isn’t really bad. Despite some difficulties it may face, it is mostly good. Investments and things like those can become profitable. It’s also a good period for long-term money planning, refiling stock and whatever can help you earn more money in the future.

Family and other relationships are also mostly pleasant. Nonetheless, love in particular doesn’t receive either beneficial or stressful aspects.

New Moon Predictions for Pisces:

A Retrograde Mercury is rarely a period when we meet many new people, but this may not be the case for you, during this New Moon and waxing Moon period.

On the contrary, social life and meeting new people, including potential friends, employees and co-workers, receive many supporting influences. Trade also seems more lucky than unlucky, although it does receive some stress.

In fact, all work and career matters receive some stress. In most cases nothing you can’t overcome and end up in a better condition than where you are standing right now. So, don’t give up, don’t give in and do try your best.

Those running their own business, with or without partners may experience this influence a little harder than the rest. Nonetheless, overcoming these challenges will benefit you more than the rest, as well.


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