Although we’ve come a long way explaining much about the magical powers of each zodiac sign, we did not pay much attention to our ultimate magical ally.

Intuition. Here, we will proceed with what intuitive powers lie in everyone of us, based on our Zodiac Sign.

What is the intuition?
In few Words, the Intuition is the summary of all our ‘extrasensory’ abilities. Others may call it by other names. No matter how we call it, is the capability to know without knowledge or reasoning, without evidence or physical contact. We just know.

Aries: Intuitive Energy Sensor

It is amazing how the first Sign of the Zodiac Circle senses energies around. In everyone of us, living or not, Chi – the cosmic energy – runs through. When we feel love, hate or desire, this energy is vibrating in a different frequency.

Aries, is a natural empath since a very young age. However most of them acknowledge this power as a vulnerability. That’s when they begin to build a stronger exterior, trying to defend themselves from disappointments. However, they are always particularly good when danger is approaching. Something inside their soul senses the energy coming towards them or the ones they love.

Frankincense is a tool against darkness for Aries. It will empower you aura and help you defend yourself and the ones you love.

Taurus: Instinctive Enemy Detector

For Taurus, the most fertile Zodiac of All, all is explained with Love or no Love. Passion or no Passion. Taurus has a never ending thirst for affection and satisfaction. They love to give and receive joy and blessings and this is absolutely instinctive.

Therefore, when others try to penetrate their ‘Wall of Protection‘, a true Taurus senses it, and instinctively fights back. Taurus wants to share their wealth, their love and their secrets with only few ones. And they somehow sense who is trying to violate their rules.

Emeralds nurture the sensitive nature of Taurus.

Gemini: Natural Mind Reader

For the sign of Air and Mercury the World is an endless adventure of ideas, words and thoughts. The air has the ability to carry souls and energies from here to the most distant places.
Gemini, as a true child of the Air, guided by Mercury, has a unique ability to ‘read’ others by just being next to them.

I have to admit that this really freaks me out, how easily they can read my mind. And do you know why they can? Because they rarely stumble upon others opinions. It’s pure curiosity. The Love and Thrill of knowing!

Quartz will help Gemini be protected from evil thoughts.

Cancer: The Truest Empath

The Zodiac Sign who is Ruled by the Moon is destined to become intuitive. Although they often don’t realize it, their guts always tell them the truth! If you are a Cancer just know that your Zodiac Sign rules the Stomach. It is strongly believed that all Cancers realize the change of hearts and emotions by this weird feeling in their stomach. Your guts won’t disappoint you because we are talking about energy. Words may like but energy never!

The Moonstone can help Cancer fortify their hearts.

Leo: Instinctive Heart Sensor

Leo may be extremely active, straight-forward and extroverted but they got a secret part which only few can read. Why? Because they know they’ve got a special power,only few can tell. Leo can feel in their hearts who has given up on the higher powers, his/her life, and goals and who feels truly blessed. This zodiac sign has been known for its association with the Divine Power. Therefore, they can sense this connection in other people too. They somehow feel this naturally and if this ability is cultivated, they can actually change the World, giving others the most important of gifts. Hope!

Gold, is the metal which expresses your full potential. Wearing anything with Gold can help you radiate your magical powers in a more potent way.

Virgo: Intuitive Health Detector

Due to the nature of this Zodiac Sign, Mercury has within each Virgo’s soul an ability to sense when something is wrong around them. They can actually ‘smell’ the problem approaching before they can even realize it. Their intuition works like a high tech computer analyzing the facts every second. Once a problem appears, it pops up to their minds, as an alert window, which unfortunately causes them anxiety. Moreover, they can sense the energy in all living creatures and how healthy one is. This is why they become such great doctors, vets and nurses because they just know when something’s wrong!

Ruby helps Virgo expel vampiric and parasitic influences from them and the ones they love.

Libra: Instinctive Peace Maker

For Libra, everything is energy which flows around. Even from young age a Libra senses what is happening around them, realizing the Grand design better than anyone else. This is why they can sense the balance of Nature better than anyone else. Moreover, when something disturbs this balance, they are the first to know, as something hurts inside of them. Libra needs to have peace around them as they are strongly connected with Nature and their personal environment. Peace, is their medicine.

Sage and smudging with Sage and Lavender will help Libra re-establish balance easily.

Scorpio: Natural Hunter of Secrets

If you have ever met a Scorpio then you will probably agree with me, that NO ONE can hide secrets for them. It is actually amazing how they can even sense your desire to keep things from them. They have a ‘natural lie detector’ inside of them which beeps every-time you try to mess with their heads. A Scorpio can also sense when an opportunity is around like a true treasure hunter. When they sense this opportunity is perfect for them, they search for it with determination and might.

Obsidian is Scorpio’s true friend. It will help you empower your abilities and be protected from the ‘Void’ of darkness.

Sagittarius: Intuitive Wisdom Sensor

Sagittarius is blessed by the king of Gods, Zeus (Jupiter) himself, giving them all the good luck they need to expand their awareness and acquire as much wisdom as possible. This is why they are instinctively attracted by teachers, both good and bad, in order to guide them through the mysteries of this World. As they grow up, they learn to detect the truth and follow the wisest ones, although they never stop searching for more interesting or appealing forms of knowledge. They are destined to learn more and they will not rest until they do.

Aventurine is a form of Quartz that can help you guys really much

Capricorn: Instinctive Power Detector

A true Capricorn is a child of Saturn, the ancient God of time. Capricorns know how to evolve in society and acquire a status of power. How can they do it? These amazing people have the ability to sense who is powerful around them, but what only few people do know is that they are guided by their ancestors (Saturn – God of time). They can smell the energy and set higher goals. Although they do work hard and they deserve what they get, one of the secrets to their success, is that they attract people with political and financial power. Once they realize how great Capricorns are, these powerful people will give them the opportunity to rise up and achieve greatness.

Smudging with Palo Santo will help you establish a healthier contact with your ancestors as well as vibrate higher.

Aquarius: Intuitive Reality Bender

One of the most potent intuitive people of the Zodiac Signs is Aquarius. Why is that? Let me explain first. We all live surrounded by a vibrating energy called ‘the Chi‘. This energy flows through all living and non-living creatures. Everything we do has an impact which is translated with this energy, the Chi. Hence, the Cosmic ‘Matrix’ is ever changing, ever influenced by our actions. Aquarius is the one who can naturally senses all changes in this ‘Matrix’. They know – in a global scale – what is going on. And as they learn to listen to these feelings, they are the ones who can really bend reality.

Rosemary is a perfect herb to help you cleanse your aura and not be affected by negativity around you.

Pisces: Intuitive Spirit Sensor

Pisces are natural born mediums. These people can sense spiritual activity from a very young age and they can tell the impact on their lives. Although, later in their lives, this spiritual activity is mostly manifested in their dreams, they can learn to sense ‘see’ the spirits every time they want. Once cultivated, Pisces can even sense or see or even interact with non-human Spirits, like Elves and Angels. Pisces are living spiritual Beacons. The light of their souls, can help many spirits find their way.

Pearls are natural catalysts of spiritual abilities. Wear them when you want to initiate contact with spirits to express your will. Do not wear them when you are feeling blue!

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