They see their partners and close friends as THEIRS, and only theirs. While they can share within the group, and to other friends of that person who may have been there first… If anyone seems to get closer to their partner/bestie than they are… it’ll be a world of trouble for everyone.

Envy of Things/People
They see the objects of others, and they want to have those items. They find themselves also desiring to be like those around them, yet refuse to change themselves due to their fixed nature. This causes envy of the personalities of others. They may also envy the looks of another.

Jealousy of Affection
They tend to get overwhelmed with this green emotion whenever they see someone being overly affectionate to another, because deep down they want to have that, but often have no idea how to achieve it.

Jealousy of Logic
These people tend to envy those who can push their emotions (and the emotions of others) aside and solve a problems based on what is good for the environment, for their own well being, or for the better of those around them in general… even if the road there is tough. They also tend to desire those who’s emotions don’t get involved with their actions, but they wouldn’t actually give up their empathy if given the choice.

Directed Envy
Leo’s are the people who have a single rival, and this rival is often just as sociable, loving, and exciting as they are! But, they envy those they surround themselves with, and often feel jealous over anything they do. This form of jealousy is often outgrown around their early 20s, but it will flare up at bad times. After the Leo’s 20s hit, usually Leo feels this Directed Envy at their lover’s exes for having them first. Jealousy is on emotion Leo’s know very, very well.

Envy of Past
Virgo’s are not known for loving families, supportive households, or bright and shiny childhoods. Their analytical nature often spawns from having to decode the feel of a room between their parents fighting, to avoid getting caught in the tiff. These people will often envy the past events of others, and the childhoods of those around them. They would likely trade their past for anyone else’s in a heartbeat.

Envy of Relation
Libra’s are often the type that get jealous over communications with exes, as they don’t want their lover to leave them for another. They have a tendency to ask for constant attention to keep these feelings of jealousy at bay. (Because, well… Libra’s aren’t very fond of such a controlling and hurtful emotion).

Jealousy of Disposition
These people envy the popularity and sweetness that is given to others. Some will wish to destroy it while others may simple aspire to use it. These people often befriend such popular people in an attempt to do one or the other. They are kind, however, and lots of people do wish to be their friend… it is simply their intimating nature that throws this off.

Envy of Intellect
These people envy the intelligence in others no matter the field it is in. Often they will attempt to learn more about their field and achieve a good understanding of it. They may even surpass whom they were envious of before! This envy often sparks a lot of their research.

Jealousy of Wealth
Capricorn’s tend to wish to be in the highest class with the most costly items. These people will always envy those above them. Even passing by houses they feel as though they should be able to afford may spark this feeling of jealousy as well.

Envy of Effect
Aquarians envy celebrities, politicians, and anyone whom is able to get their word out to enough people. They wish to find their words on billboards and their name under quotes in the future… so when they see those who have, they envy them greatly. Especially when they’re the same age, or even younger than them.

Envy of Talent
They are endlessly jealous of those who can put their creative mind to use, and they often befriend these people in hopes they’ll be able to watch them bring their ideas to life.


SOURCEShayne Eridan
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