There are many emotional states that can potentially steer us from our contentment and sense of inner peace. Here’s our most challenging, according to your zodiac sign.


You ruin your life with constant negativity and allowing yourself to get lost in it.

Your short temper and stubborn nature gets you in trouble. Rationales like “I’ve got a short fuse” or “I’m heartbroken”reflect self-destructive behavior, especially when they occur over long periods of time.


You put a damper on happiness by not living the life to it’s fullest.

The hardest thing you’ll come to understand is you can’t control people and situations. Learn to embrace it. Unplanned situations in life is what keeps it exciting.


You ruin your life thinking vulnerability is a sign of weakness.

And because of this, you are usually the one that hurts people the worst. Because you are indecisive about your own life you tend to drag others through the confusion and hurt really good people along the way.

But one day someone is going to enter your life and the only thing you’ll be clear of is that you want them in your life.

When you find this person don’t give them a reason to leave because karma will come back around and they’ll be the one that hurts you more than you ever could have imagined if you let them go.


You ruin your life putting others before yourself.

You are an emotional roller-coaster and you get easily lost in how you feel about people. Sometimes when you think you’ve met the right person you put them before yourself and love them a little more than you need to. It’s easy to get lost in love. But be careful you don’t lose yourself to it.


You ruin your life closing yourself off and hiding your emotions.

You are very good an appearing heartless and pretending you don’t care. As someone who puts their emotional needs second in life be wary of not closing yourself off too much because there will come a time where you’ll be overcome with a state of being lonely.

Remember emotions don’t make you seem weak but denying that you have any does.


You ruin your life being too hard on yourself.

You tend to put others before yourself and not make yourself a priority. While it’s selfless and people admire you for your kind heart, your ability to love others and love them deeply doesn’t reflect the relationship you have with yourself.

You are the first to criticize who you are or point out your imperfections without building yourself up to the way you. You are your worst enemy as well as the solution to that.


You ruin your life trying too hard to blame others.

Blaming others for the way that we feel is dis-empowering. We effectively give away our power to others. But if we take responsibility for how we think, feel and behave, we empower ourselves with the responsibility and the freedom to be who we wish.

The time we become truly free is the time that we take full responsibility of ourselves and ensure that we, not anyone or anything else, are the single most influential factor in how we evolve for the rest of our lives.


You ruin your life by feeling unforgiving towards others

When we’re resentful towards others it’s usually because they have behaved hurtfully or broken our trust. But anyone who has felt like this (i.e. everyone!) knows how bad it feels. It makes us think and feel negatively.

Therefore, forgiveness is essential for self-care.


You ruin your life by settling. You settle in love because you are unsure of what you want. You settle in life because you fear change. You settle in your career because you are sticking with something that isn’t making you happy.

You’re so fearful of failing that you don’t do anything at all and you stay frozen in the same spot.


You ruin your life because you are easily frustrated with the small matters.

When life is so short, it’s painfully self-destructive to be constantly irritated. It’s a stressful experience, and as the adage goes — stress kills.

Feeling offended from time to time is natural, although some people appear addicted to being offended.

Even when we are offended over something that we are justifiably right to defend, why is it that we should put ourselves through suffering just because of what someone else said or did? Isn’t it a reflection of them, and not a reflection of us?


You ruin your life by letting your past influence your future.

You tend to keep everything to yourself and you’re your own worst enemy. You don’t forgive yourself for your past and you allow it to dictate your future carrying unnecessary baggage along the way.

Feeling ongoing and unresolved guilt over our past mistakes is nothing but a negative state of mind. To move past guilt, we need to learn and evolve from our mistakes, not wallow in shame and regret.


You ruin your life by choosing the wrong people.

You choose toxic people and habits. As someone who genuinely means well and has probably the best heart out of all the zodiac signs, you tend to gravitate towards the wrong people who dim your light a little bit and drain you.

When it comes to habits, you deal with pain in your life choosing all the wrong things to cope. You hurt yourself more each time because you think you deserve pain.

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