Lots of people believe the stars, planets and their birthdays share a lot about their personality and future.

While it’s fun for some, it means nothing for others and it’s serious business for another share of the population. Horoscopes claim to reveal your future love life, work moves and even what fashion decisions to make.

While there’s normally no harm in reading about your sign, can your horoscopes really reveal evil omens to come?

Like if there will be depression or even a death in your near future. Of course, we often don’t want to know of these bad forecasts.

But maybe your sign can reveal the relationship errors you are going to make? Maybe even if you are prone to cheating. Some star signs are more sexual and reserved than others but does this mean you’re more likely to be unfaithful?


Aries are supposed to be spontaneous, bold, daring and energetic. In their faults, Aries are vain, selfish and impatient. So it’s no wonder they have a wandering eye. If your partner doesn’t put your first, you have a trend to say, “Bye, Felicia!” Communication is especially necessary when you are an Aries.


Scorpios are notably sexy and hot. They like to sow their wild oats, be as fierce as Tyra and intense with everything and everyone. But you really crave security and devotion making you less likely to cheat than find that special someone for the long haul.


Gemini have a lot of facets to their character, which makes them indecisive. Their good features are that they are sociable, talkative and fun. But because you are restless, you might get swept away by a newcomer who can give you what your current partner can’t. Try making a list of your current man/woman’s positive traits and learn to fall in love with them again.


While Cancers are very sensitive, they still need stability. You may be pessimistic about your current relationship, but your faith will make you less likely to cheat than other signs. While you usually put others first, you may drag on a dead relationship for worry of hurting the other person.


Pisces are people who really feel. Artistic in nature, they are also fair, tender and faithful. Though you have bouts of grief and many fears, you detest being alone. Therefore, you are very expected NOT to cheat. But if you do happen to, you’ll feel much guilt over it for a long time. Having an equally imaginative and kind partner will boost your own good features and keep you stuck to them.


Everyone knows Leos like to be the center of attention. But they are also independent, courageous and loyal. Despite your loyalty, your need to be in the spotlight may cause you to wander away to somebody who will put you on a pedestal. Make sure your partner knows you need extra care like gifts and sex.


Hot and heavy, Libras enjoy the beautiful things in life. You might stress yourself out since it’s hard for you to say no to people. You’d think it’d make sense for you to be a cheater, you probably won’t go through with it. But you will admire people from afar. There’s nothing wrong with a small crush!


Unique, energetic and extroverted, a Sagittarius enjoys life. Because of your wanderlust, you often grow anxious. You are also bad at keeping things on the down-low, so an affair wouldn’t be kept secret. You could stray if your companion isn’t giving you what you need in the bedroom. So communicate with your significant other and tell them to spice things up.


Determination and passion are both enviable qualities. You are, however, also arrogant and untrusting. Both the positives and negatives about you may want you to jump in the sack with a person at work. You need a partner who is as ambitious and career focused as you. No scrubs!


Taurus are honest, sensual, faithful and practical. They are, however, stubborn and possessive. While you might see the word “loyal” and think you won’t cheat, being physical is also a major part of your personality. There’s a good chance you might look elsewhere. While others rely on you, it’s hard for you to rely on other people. Spice things up with your partner in the bedroom!


An Aquarius is hard not to love. They are honest, fair and affectionate. Yet you may be random and you’re engaged in many things, so it makes it hard for you to focus on just one. Though you are flirty, you are a one guy/gal kind of person.


Virgos are often strong, smart and practical. But they can be perfectionists, irritable and negative. All these various sides of you add up to you being faithful, while you may cheat out of spite. Try to stay level-headed and work on shaping your current thing. /By Zoella Bruschen

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