There might be a lot of household chores today so be prepared. Skip workout today as it is going to be a long tiring day. A chat with your best friend or partner may help you relieve your stress. Do not try to make any hard decisions today because you may regret them later. There are chances that your favorite sweet may not be available today so don’t get upset.

Your health may take a toll on you if you don’t pay attention to what you are putting in your body. A little health checkup is advised today. There may be nothing serious to worry about but daily health checkup is not a bad idea. Stay hydrated as you need energy. Make sure you include green leafy vegetables in your diet today. You may have to skip workout today but don’t forget to practice meditation at the end of the day.

You might be hyper, anxious and annoyed today but don’t let your mood spoil others’ mood. Engaging in your hobby might release happy hormones and help in improving your mood. A little walk in nature will help you release your stress. Listening to some soothing music while working will help you remain calm and poised. Prepare yourself some coffee or chamomile tea, read a book or dance your heart out to release stress and anxiety.

“You know you’ve moved on when you find other people beautiful.
when you don’t avert your eyes but keep them steady
or when you stay the night, the last one at the party,
and you don’t feel sorry. or empty. or guilty
because whatever, where are you going anyway?”

Lucky Color: Green & Orange

Lucky Number: 10

Lucky Alphabets: T & H

Cosmic Tip: Trust in your abilities

Tips for Singles – Install some dating apps

Tips for Couples – Get your partner their favorite thing

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