If you’ve been putting a hold on meeting with your friends then today might be a good day to do that. There are chances that you may meet with a long-lost friend on the way to meeting your other friends. Things are going to be great on the romantic front. Make sure you call your partner today and have a hearty talk. Some of you may get an invitation to a party today.

If you maintain a healthy diet then today might be your cheat day. Eat what you want to eat today as it is a happy day. Order your favorite food when you are with your friends. Forget healthy food today as it is your day to satisfy your cravings and make sure your friends do that. But a little yoga session in the morning and evening will benefit you a lot.

Emotionally things are going to be great today. You may engage in a lot of fun activities today that will help you stay away from stress. Meeting with your old friends may get you nostalgic. You may feel so excited to see your friends. A call with your partner will make you feel over the moon. Helping someone out with their work will make you feel good about yourself. Meditation will keep you calm.

“You know you’ve moved on when you find other people beautiful.
when you don’t avert your eyes but keep them steady
or when you stay the night, the last one at the party,
and you don’t feel sorry. or empty. or guilty
because whatever, where are you going anyway?”

Colors of the day: Lilac Purple, Dark Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, V

Cosmic Tip: Enjoy the journey you’re on

Tips for Singles – Today is not your day to date

Tips for Couples: A relationship with no ego is the way to grow mature together.

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