You may get into uncomfortable and difficult confrontations today. It may be with your loved one or someone you have some prior beef with. Talking clearly and comfortably with your loved one is sure to correct the misunderstanding between the two of you and even lead to romantic make-up. If you come to confront someone who has been causing you to frustrated, make your feelings known immediately. Don’t hold your punches back. Lay it all on the table for them to see.

A feeling of frustration will seem to eat at you. That can cause you to feel a bit detached from your work. It can also cause some pain at the points your body holds the most stress, like the neck, the back, or even your stomach. Take extra care about what you eat as an upset stomach can add to your frustrations causing further problems. Take a rest day or do some light exercising but do not go all out.

You will be presented with great financial gains. As you are showered by these gains, you will be compelled to perform charity and share your finances with some of the less fortunate. You can even donate to some non-profit organizations which you would like to support. As you perform this charity, you will be filled with a sense of mental peace and contentment, however, this would not be your motivation.

“One day I asked a wingless bird what will she do now. She replied, “If I can’t fly than I shall run. If I can’t run I shall walk. If I can’t walk I shall crawl. But I will never be stuck in cage.”

Colors of the day: Red, Maroon

Lucky Numbers of the day: 9, 4, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, M, and Y

Cosmic Tip: Cut through the obstacles.

Tips for Singles – You are quite likely to meet someone from the past who would connect with instantly.

Tips for Couples – Take a small trip with your partner to get away from your hectic schedule.

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