You will get carried away by your dreams. At the beginning of the month, there will be some positive changes in your personality. All your love troubles will get solved this month. You will be able to make sensible decisions that will be beneficial for you and for those around you. You will be able to keep your emotions in control. At the end of the month, there might be some family issues but you will be able to handle that.

Splendid changes in your health are expected this month. You will move one step closer to health goals. The placement of the stars will make sure that no serious health problems come in your way. However, some minor health issues may arise but if you treat them with proper medical assistance then they can be cured. There are no chances of previous diseases showing up this month. Good diet plans are suggested to maintain your health.

Your career may not develop as you expected. Disharmony in the workplace is expected. You need to remain calm to not make situations any worse for you. Colleagues and seniors may not support you if you ask for help from them. Work as hard as you can to make things work for you. Targets may not be achieved on time but at the end of the month, everything will get back to normal.

Your health will make you feel proud of the changes you made to improve yourself. Situations at the office may make you stressed but do not let it control you. Practicing meditation before and after work is advised to maintain your mental peace. On the bright side, all your issues related to love will disappear this month and you will be able to experience the joy of love in your relationship.

You will notice exceptional benefits if you travel for business or other professional reasons. There will be a large number of trips within the country. Most of them will incur huge profits for you. Whether you are going to a conference or a meeting with a client, it will be a huge success. Your boss may get impressed and provide you with financial benefits. Trips with the family will be memorable.

Colors of the month: Red, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the month: 4, 9, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: H, O

Cosmic Tip: Pay close attention to your surroundings.

Tips for Singles: It is time to show your talents.

Tips for Couples: Tell your fantasies to partner.

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