This month you will become wiser, Sagittarius. As autumn arrives it brings with it several opportunities that can change your life. Rather than being the usual cold one, you will take the lead this month. From the start of the month, you can start to chill and relax because there is a possibility of less stress. The family will be your priority and children will become the reason for your happiness.

The atmosphere this month will be healthy and breathable. The planets are in the right place so there will no serious health problems. Even minor diseases will not show up and by any chance they do, they can be cured with usual medical care. Your health will be excellent this month which will help you in other important areas of your life. It’s your month to be joyful and optimistic.

This month is not favorable for your career growth. The position of the stars is not hopeful and you will hardly see yourself making any progress on the professional front. You will be making efforts from your side but it will not give any satisfying results. Because there will be no professional improvement you are more likely to engage yourself in social service to help the poor. Engaging in spiritual activities is also suggested.

You will feel delightful this month on the love front. There are chances of single people getting into lovable relationships. Love will be in the air throughout the month. There will be lots of romance and sensuality in the marital lives of people. On top of that, your health will contribute to maintaining that. Do not let the sadness of your professional life ruin the happiness of your personal life.

You will not get any benefits from traveling this month. There is the possibility of a large number of trips organized overseas as well as inland but it will not prove beneficial for you financially. There are no doors for growth. Traveling with your family, friends or loved ones may prove to be unremarkable and may not give you the pleasure you went looking for. You will not get the expected delightful moments.

Colors of the month: Yellow, Olive, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the month: 5, 0, 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: V, B

Cosmic Tip: Go where you find peace.

Tips for Singles: Do not get distracted by infatuation.

Tips for Couples: Do not choose temporary pleasure over love.

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