Get ready for a cosmic coming-out party! January marks a major turning point as you round out a two-year chapter that’s helped you reinvent your personal identity and relationships.

Since February 2017, a series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius have been dramatically reshaping your life. You’ve found your voice AND your tribe. Hopefully you’ve stepped into a powerful role that suits your fierce sign—or just unapologetically started being yourself.

On January 21, a Leo total lunar eclipse—also a full supermoon (hey, would Leo do it any less dramatically?)—brings one major last hurrah. What’s still sitting there on your bucket list, Leo…and what are you waiting for? After today, there won’t be any more eclipses in your sign until 2026.

The stars give you one last push to really promote your ideas and talents in a big way. Don’t sacrifice your dreams for anyone, Leo. This day is yours for the taking, and you’ll feel effects for at least two more weeks.

This is all happening against the backdrop of Capricorn season as the Sun visits the Sea Goat’s lair until January 20, heating up your sixth house of health, efficiency and work. You’re in practical spirits as the year begins, eager to get things handled.

This is punctuated by another eclipse (there are two this month!) on January 5, this one a partial solar (new moon) eclipse. It’s the first of three Capricorn eclipses in 2019, and it’s here to push you onto a healthy and grounded new path.

From hiring a helpful assistant or service provider to radically revamping your eating and exercise habits, the Capricorn eclipses of 2019 are here to give Team Leo a makeover. The next two will be in July and December, so between now and the summer, your work and wellbeing could undergo a potent transformation.

Structured Saturn is hovering close to the Sun during the first week of January, which will help you get serious about your goals. Since Saturn rules experts, you might work with a coach or mentor to design an actionable, step-by-step plan.

But as you drill down into all those micro details, don’t lose sight of your inspiring grand visions. Courageous Mars is in Aries and your expansive ninth house from January 1 to February 14, prompting you to take creative risks and think big.

Travel, study and entrepreneurship could all figure into events for the first six weeks of 2019. Mars here could tempt you to gamble, but since he only visits here every two years, do SOMETHING. This is not a cycle you want to squander.

On January 6, pioneering Uranus, which is also in Aries, ends a five-month retrograde slowdown. Uranus will remain in Aries until March 6, then it won’t return again in this lifetime.

After that, the side-spinning planet will move into Taurus and your career zone for eight years, shifting your attention to revolutionizing your professional life. If you’ve got some bucket-list dreams that involve a vacation, a return to school or starting a business, go after them now, before the landscape shifts for good!

Cupid could arrive a month early, but alas, he’s slinging arrows tipped with mixed messages. On January 13, the first of this year’s rare trio of Jupiter-Neptune squares arrives, stirring up a heady cloud of drama and intrigue.

Your heart could beat wildly for someone—or things could get heated in a relationship. But with foggy Neptune and jump-the-gun Jupiter locked into this embattled angle, your attraction could turn into an obsession.

A little mystery is sexy, but if things aren’t adding up about someone, don’t go into denial. In other cases, jealously and paranoia may flare, but these feelings could be based on flimsy evidence.

Before that inflates into a huge ordeal, calmly get the facts. Some Leos might feel subtly controlled or suppressed by a needy partner, which might bring out your rebellious side. Careful about playing with fire, especially if it only creates more distrust and discord.

Rather than fall further down that rabbit hole, step back and try to clear things up. Jupiter and Neptune will square each other in June and September, but you’ll feel this dynamic tension all year, as you figure out HOW invested in drama and intensity you should get—and when it’s best to pull back and detach!

Luckily, you’ll be able to balance things out starting January 20, when the Sun enters Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships. You’ll have a month to restore equilibrium in your closest ties and to patiently hash out any differences.

A connection you’ve been building—either in love and business—could turn serious, possibly moving toward official status. Look for ways you can team up with a synergistic soul and go further together.

The next day, January 21, is the Leo total lunar eclipse mentioned earlier, a headline date that’s all about YOU and your dreams. But before you go blasting off into the stratosphere, there are other cosmic counterforces to navigate. That day also brings an intense clash between rash Mars and sensible Saturn, which could give you a case of whiplash.

As speedy Mars in your risk-taking ninth house tempts you to leap off the first cliff you encounter, responsible Saturn in your analytical sixth house slams the brakes and brings out your inner worrywart. You might whip yourself into an anxious state, tossing and turning over a decision.

You could be offered something that sounds too good to be true…but also too good to pass up. (Possibilities range from a “free” ticket for an amazing trip to a startup job that offers to pay you in equity.)

Do your research but know that you may not have a lot of time to decide before this fleeting opportunity passes. That said, don’t let people pressure you by using hard-sell techniques. If they really want you badly enough, they’ll let you sleep on it!

A much better day to take a leap of faith arrives January 25, when Mars forms a flowing trine with lucky Jupiter in your fifth house of heartfelt passion.

You could dive into a new hobby or attract raving fans for your outspoken and courageous moves. If you’re an artist, writer or other creative type, this could be a buzzworthy moment. You’ve got zero aversion to risk now, making this the perfect day to be fierce and fearless.

This rare Mars-Jupiter trine could also bring a breathtaking love affair, perhaps with someone you meet while traveling or through a workshop. For coupled Leos, this trine can revive the excitement in your current relationship, especially if you book a spontaneous getaway or sign up for something that takes you both out of your comfort zones.

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