This week, Leo, you have a strong desire to succeed as well as a strong feeling of self-worth. It is a wise decision to put your strategy for global dominance into action now rather than later. Make certain that you are channeling your strong emotions into constructive outlets of expression. Instead of destroying, we should try to create something new. When energy is not utilized in a constructive manner, it manifests itself as mishaps or anger towards those who do not deserve it.

To calm down and absorb this strong energy source, it is essential to drink enough water and engage in frequent physical activity. You may expect a lot of comments on your glowing skin, upbeat attitude, and general enthusiasm from people who see the difference you’ve made. This week, stick to a healthy diet and practice meditation and yoga. You will notice the change for yourself. Make it a point to concentrate on your health practices throughout the week.

Make a point of displaying your upbeat outlook on life. Establish your self-assurance and understanding of how to do the task at hand by expressing this to your co-workers and superiors. You will get a lot of brownie points from your bosses if you do this. There is no need for you to keep your power hidden from the rest of the world. Bring your ideas to the table and ensure that everyone understands your strategy for achieving your objectives.

Throughout the week, the planetary alignment urges you to have a strong sense of what is right, no matter what that means to you. This is a pleasurable sensation that is best experienced alone. Do not attempt to force your feelings on others via sharing, since this will most likely be disregarded or despised, and will only serve to distract you from the sensations you are experiencing. Instead, express yourself openly. Spend time in nature or with your most reliable friends and family during this lovely conjunction for companionship and enjoyment.

It will be a constant feature of the journey to experience a never-ending parade of new locations and interact with a never-ending procession of new people. You’ll almost certainly discover something of interest in each of the locations you visit. Because you’re preoccupied with the journey, you won’t notice the occasional pothole on the road. Guys, you’re much too clever to be dealing with these unforeseen circumstances right now. Whatever your ultimate objective, you will certainly be on high alert at all times, no matter where you go on the globe.

Lucky Color: Orange, Gold

Lucky Number: 5, 8

Lucky Alphabet: N, S

Cosmic Tip: Continue to work hard.

Tips for Singles: You should remember that although things may seem to be bleak, there is always hope for a progressive future.

Tips for Couples: Rekindle the flame in your love.

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