This week is all about experiences, dear Taurus. With enough time at your disposal, you can now explore new horizons and reinstate your passion for the art you value. This could be music, dance, or even watching your favorite movie. Spending some time entertaining yourself will be extremely helpful in reviving your lost energy. If you feel like visiting your family, you definitely should. You might as well happen to learn of good news.

Your health this week will be absolutely fine unless you decide to push yourself into worrying about petty issues. This is not the time that you should be whiling away thinking about insignificant things because this could take a toll on your mental health. Rather, try indulging in good habits like exercising or treat yourself to the food of your favorite restaurant. You are bound to feel better than before.

You are almost getting it all done perfectly. This week, you will find yourself taking a break from your job because you have already offered what you had to. Your team is achieving great heights and you can wait till a new task arrives at your desk. Think of something apart from your job now. It is high time you rejoice in practicing your hobby, something you have long kept yourself aloof from.

Your emotions this week do not revolve around your family but around your hobby. Your renewed interest in your childhood hobby can make you feel nostalgia and even remind you of the people you have departed for heaven. Although this will bring tears into your eyes, they will forever remain as part of your happy memories. Rejoice in every aspect of your past and search for the bright side even in the darkest of experiences.

Your tendency to get nostalgia once in a while can motivate you to visit your ancestral home or a relative perhaps. This week brings in new hope and much like in the happiest phases of your life, you will feel the urge to revisit your past full of happy memories. Even you do not travel to meet someone dear to you, you will at least find yourself musing over the joyful days of childhood.

Colors of the week: Green, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the week: 1,5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, S

Cosmic Tip: Visiting the past full of happy memories is all you can ask for at this point.

Tips for Singles: If you are planning to meet a childhood friend, do not hesitate to share your feelings.

Tips for Couples: Having a nice conversation with your beloved can feel extremely rewarding.

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