You possess a unique ability to experiment with your abilities. This will help you utilize your talents and come up with a budget plan that will help you to strategize your financial expenditure for your upcoming future, Dear Leo. you will likely be dealing with powerful personalities who are going to be highly impressed by your skills and your analytical process thinking. You are going to feel positive about your achievements.

There are going to be minor health problems that you will be encountering throughout the week. You might suffer from minor physical aches, but you will be able to get rid of the pain by effectively managing your dietary plans. Try not to engage yourself in too much physical activity as you might end up hurting your knees or ankles. There might be a temporary phase of depression or anxiety but by the end of the week, you will be feeling better.

You will have to showcase your patience and ability to work under stress to your seniors. Be careful as you are about to get a very important project which is going to alter your professional life completely. Give your complete focus to the project and you will be gaining immense appreciation from your acquaintances and seniors. Businessmen have to reinforce trust and loyalty to their employees as this will provide them the benefit in the long run.

The week holds prosperous opportunities for the love birds. There are going to be moments of intimacy between the couples and will enjoy a week that is enriched with love and nurture. Try to communicate all your feelings and emotions without any hesitation and you will experience a period of bliss with your partner.

There are good chances that you might like to take the weekend off and travel to a nearby destination to enjoy peace and solitude. If you are planning to travel with your partner make arrangements prior ahead as things will get spiced up as you will be enjoying the intimate moments with your partner. You can also expect to get brilliant offers while traveling.

Colors of the week: Green, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the week: 3, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, T

Cosmic Tip: Make time for yourself or else you will find it unable to handle everything.

Tips for Singles: You can soon expect a proposal from either one of your friends or colleagues.

Tips for Couples: Open your heart to partner and it will be responded in a manner you didn’t even anticipate.

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