This week you are advised to think before taking any action. Do not waste your efforts on useless things otherwise you miss some good opportunities. There is a possibility that you will ignore your partner. This is not how you behave normally. Do not let things get aggravate. This can result in defeat. If you want to succeed this week then learn to be flexible. The last day of the week is great to work on some new projects.

This week you will enjoy the benefits of sound health. Stellar configurations will be commending making sure to keep chronic diseases away from you. Acute diseases may be faced by some of you but they will remain under control if proper medical care is provided. Schedule your daily activities to control the levels of your anxiety. Regular exercises and a balanced diet will keep you fit throughout the entire week.

There may not be some great changes in your career this week. But if you pay close attention you will be able to notice some small changes that have helped you move a little closer to your career goals. The changes may be so small that you will not be able to see them in the first place but they are present there. Stay patient and see how your consistency will help you reach your dreams.

There will be a balance of good and bad emotions this week. You may ignore your partner because of your personal problems. A healthy body will also keep your mind healthy. Do not let trivial problems affect your mood. The changes you wanted to see on the professional front may not happen this week but do not let it burden your mind. Stay consistent in your efforts and you will see results soon.

It is advised to not go traveling out of the country this week. The planetary positions are not auspicious and it can cause some serious issues if you stay away from your country. You will be presented with opportunities to travel inside and outside of the country. Choose to travel within the country because you can see some professional gains. Your friends or family may plan a small trip out of state.

Colors of the week: Olive, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the week: 5, 7, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, V

Cosmic Tip: You cannot change what people say about you but can your way of reacting to it.

Tips for Singles: Respect other’s opinions if they say NO.

Tips for Couples: Do not force your opinions on partner.

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