This week predicts that your relations with your spouse will become fabulous if you agree to compromise. The time after the second day is preferred to resolve any problems. Astral aspects will offer you many opportunities that will help you succeed. Scorpio should use this chance to live a happy life. You will be able to handle family conflicts very smoothly. Astral influences will highly benefit you at the end of the week.

You may not feel great this week in terms of health. The star support may be missing so you will have to go through your old diseases again. It is advised to stay under medical attention to avoid any serious health issues. You may get some relief from daily exercises and maintaining a healthy diet. Stress levels can be controlled if you schedule your activities in advance. Meditation can play a big role in keeping you calm.

Your health may not support you this week but your career will. All of the efforts you put in the past will start to show positive results this week. Seniors will be impressed by your hard work and your relationships with your colleagues may also improve. Due to health reasons, you will have to take several leaves and your boss will support you in that because you dedicated your time to him. Now, he will pay you back with acts of kindness.

Your emotions will be on a roller coaster ride this week. Your c will make career your emotions go high on the ride but your bad health will bring them down. Emotions are a part of life and if you feel the same emotion every day then there is a need to see a counselor. Life is all about ups and downs and you will be able to notice it this week. If your look around closely you will realize that your loved ones are there to support you through all of this.

It is advised to stay home instead of traveling this week. Your health conditions may get worse if you chose to travel. Your friends may plan a trip to your favorite destination but saying No will give your more benefits than saying yes. If your health improves then only you can travel. But this week make your home your favorite place. Travel from one room to another, or go to a friend’s house but stay close to your home.

Colors of the week: Violet, Silver

Lucky Numbers of the week: 8, 7, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, C

Cosmic Tip: Past cannot be changed but future can

Tips for Singles: Do not be over smart on the first date itself.

Tips for Couples: Comparing your current partner with ex will only make things worse.

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