Your Leo weekly horoscope states that if you are looking for a sign to start something new, this is it. You need to start maintaining better contact with your friends and family instead of giving them the cold shoulder. Work is thriving, and you may also find yourself getting promoted. You need to stop being so stubborn when it comes to your relationship and start communicating about your problems.

Your Leo weekly horoscope warns you of your allergies acting up. You need to take better care of yourself, mainly your body, and take precautions due to weather changes. While you are at the prime of your health, it would be advised if you ate healthily and worked out enough, you will feel awesome. Your mental health has been thriving as well.

You have worked too hard and come this far not to give up at the sight of a challenge, according to the Leo weekly horoscope. You have put in your blood and sweat to come this far in your career path which is why you will take on the risk that is scaring you so much. Stop allowing yourself to be scared of an obstacle just because you are worried that you will fail.

Your Leo horoscope weekly states that your relationship will finally be going on to the next level. Your partner and you have grown through so many experiences and stages that the both of you are now ready to step on to the next stage of this relationship, together. Allow yourself to open up to your partner because you know you can trust them with how you feel and give yourself time to heal as well.

While there are chances that you will be traveling for work, there are higher chances that you will let go of this opportunity because you feel completely drained out, predicts the Taurus horoscope week. Stop allowing yourself to be worked and take some time off by going on a mini-vacation to the nearby resort or even hotel. Take some time out for yourself and allow yourself to be relaxed.

Colors of the week: White, Green

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: Y, O

Cosmic Tip: Manifest your goals for the week.

Tips for Singles: Discover the different sides of your personality by venturing out of your comfort zone.

Tips for Couples: Meet and spend time with your friends.

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