Your Leo weekly horoscope predicts that a close friend of yours will fall in sick and you will spend your free time looking after them this week. You will feel your work environment has become a lot more supportive and you can take some days off to take care of your friend. Don’t worry because your friend will be fit and fine by the end of the week.

Being a Leo, you have always been the kind of person to take good care of yourself and how you look. You work out a lot so try to do workouts on alternate days this week. And on the days you’re not working out you can do some yoga asanas to release your body from physical stress. Overall, your health will shine. Just keep eating healthy and keep yourself hydrated.

According to your Leo horoscope week, you have been a model employee who is extremely hardworking and it looks like your efforts have finally paid off this week. You will be getting the promotion that you have always had your eyes on and you can finally take a breath of relief. Your colleagues are proud of your progress and how far you have come.

You feel a range of mixed emotions this week. Some days you’ll feel worried and some days you’ll feel happy. But don’t worry each day will pass by you being satisfied at the end of the day. You’ll also catch up with some old friends this week and get into nostalgia talking about your school days. You might even decide to go to your old school to bring the school feeling back.

A close one to you has been in the hospital for a while now and you will be going to the hospital this week. You will try your best to meet them as much as you can but with the kind of work hours you have, you are spending all the free time you have this week traveling to and fro from hospital to home. You need to take a breather and relax for a while and everything will be fine.

Colors of the week: White, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: Z, K

Cosmic Tip: Be curious and never stop yourself from questioning ideas.

Tips for Singles: Go on blind dates and meet new people.

Tips for Couples: Seek professional help if you feel that matters are getting out of hand.

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