A Leo Mother Personality Traits
A Leo mother personality by nature is adorable and warm in spite of presenting a stern and harsh appearance. Your child can have complete confidence in you.

He or she can share the personal secrets without any problem. Your family is of utmost importance to you. Because of your compassion, you can be easily pleased.

Leo Mother – Positive Personality Traits


The Leo mother traits show that a Leo mom is a blend of diverse feelings. Your child will feel that you are highly congenial, caring and possessive.

However you are also seen as commanding and stringent by your child.

The Leo mother characteristics show you are considerate with your adolescent child and can comprehend the inner feelings of the child.

You bestow complete faith in your child and do not meddle with sibling relationships.

It is up to the child to maintain this confidence and any action to the contrary will meet with severe disapproval and condemnation from the Leo woman.

Any indication of disrespect from your child will be met with a threatening calmness from your end.

The Leo mother personality traits also show that you will not mind splurging on your child and yield to the lavish requirements of your child.

The child will learn from you the real facts of life in between your show of enjoyment and generosity.


Leo women are full of life and enthusiasm, and have no restraints while showering their love on their child.

You are the best friend your child can have. Your son or daughter is kept busy in a host of activities in addition to academics which will bring out their artistic talents.

The Leo mother trait shows that all the high points in the life of your child are meticulously recorded by you.

Your child is the biggest trophy and you have no hesitation in telling the whole world about it.

All the achievements and prizes won by your child will be for public display and appreciation at your behest.


When the rules for your child have to be formulated, this Leo parent takes the command. You are ready to learn and practice new things throughout your life.

Your child feels secure under your shelter and appreciates your powerful determination and aspirations.

The Leo mother personality traits show that money is not a hindrance when the Leo woman decides to satisfy the needs of her child.

Your child will be free to learn all the secrets of life under your guidance. Instead of over-protecting your child, you keep the child busy in innovative activities.

Memorable Present For Leo Mother

For special occasions such as your birthday or Mother’s day, you will be happy to receive a bouquet of bright flowers along with a card specially made for you by your child.

A grand party with all the family members together will make it memorable. You will be extremely happy to receive any gift which is specially made for you and which touches your heart.

The Leo mother personality traits show that you will enjoy any small sign of gratitude from your child and relatives and when you are made to feel unique and important amongst all the members assembled on the occasion.

If the guests can recount their unforgettable and exhilarating experiences about you, it will touch your heart. If you are asked to exhibit your special talents, you will be extremely happy to oblige.

Leo Mother – Negative Personality Traits


The Leo mother personality should be forgiven if she thinks that she is ruling the world. You have great assurance and your interests are at the top of the list in life.

If you try to use your child to promote yourself, you may be in trouble as your child may revolt.

Your child may not like your efforts to overtake him always. The child may be happy to be a regular kid and may fail to meet your exaggerated expectations.


The Leo mother personality traits show that she is either strongly passionate about people and other things in life or highly averse to them.

Things appear to be always chaotic to you. Your exaggeration of events and your response may confuse your child.

You should be measured in your emotional responses to events and cut out theatrics in routine matters.

Excess of emotions may exhaust you and it is better for you to allow your child to grow up gradually and normally.

Unable To Accept Failures

The Leo female can be unkind and pull out all the luxuries if the kid belies her hopes.

While you are gracious to acknowledge the admirable feats of your offspring, you are not prepared to condone the failures of your child.

The Leo mother characteristics show that your child should not be fooled by your show of humor as you are watching your child’s behavior closely.

Your child should be aware that you are capable of guarding her in times of difficulties and you are the best comrade the child can get.

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