The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, dear Libra, increasing your craving for mental stimulation.

Fortunately, it’s particularly easy to find today, and you can find yourself in particularly good mental form. Conversations veer towards serious or informative topics, yet remain fun.

Your mind is sharp for inspired ideas for making money or sorting out personal matters. Working on home and family related efforts may figure strongly now. Your instincts for business and money matters are on-point.

Do something for the sake of enjoyment rather than for an external reward, and you’ll be in better shape. Overanalyzing or trying to force resolutions don’t seem to get results today.

A brainstorming session can go off the rails if there are too many distractions today. Whether you’re doing research on your own or as a member of a team of investigators, the appropriate surroundings make a big difference.

Carefully consider what conditions would be most conducive to the level of productivity you’re after now.

With a little extra forethought and planning, the stage can be beautifully set for success. In addition to results, be prepared for compliments and thanks.

As you move into the final 10 days of your birthday month, there should be a lot more urgency, especially after a New Moon earlier in the week.

This is the point in any birthday month where you’re able to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead.

At the same time, Mercury’s departure a day later should have brought you to a point where you were ready to commit to your game plan and resolutions for the coming year.

Yet with Venus on her way back for a rare double dip visit, there are still wildcards to be played.

Today’s Quote: “Don’t wait for it to happen, go make it happen. Never lose hope. Never lose faith. Silence says a lot more than you think. Do the best you can with what you have.”

Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 27, 37, 38, 47

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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