While the first half of the day can find you quite sociable or involved, dear Libra, the Moon moves into your privacy sector midday, and this is a sign that it’s time to retreat, relax, and renew yourself emotionally before the new lunar cycle begins for you in two days.

It can be quite easy to get lost in your own world today. Some form of retreat can be in order if you can manage it. Note that there can be some trickiness with communications later today. You may feel goaded, or someone feels you’re not expressing yourself consistently.

You could be feeling especially enthusiastic about a project or personal interest that you aim to pursue further, but circumstances may be such that you are taken on different paths.

It may be that you can’t focus or get completely comfortable, which disrupts your flow. There can be a general feeling of discontent around you, and some of it could be originating within you, so be honest with yourself. It may be that you simply need to rethink your situation.

Communication may be the answer wherever differences cause separation. However, there is simply no way to turn an apple into an orange by talking about it. Nevertheless, you will never know what can be accomplished until you try.

It’s crucial to accept the fact that you cannot do it on your own; you must involve the other person in the process from the very beginning. A simple invitation to chat could be enough to get the conversational ball rolling.

The Moon’s return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart today is a timely chance to catch your breath, whether you can appreciate this or not. In just a few days’ time, things are set to explode across the income, work and career fronts, with life all of a sudden becoming a lot busier.

Along with Mars, in his final days in an adventurous part of your chart before returning to your career sector, today’s nostalgic and reflective lunar vibes encourage time out to hear yourself think.

Today’s Quote: “Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. And don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.”

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 17, 21, 24, 38

Daily Compatibility: Sagittarius

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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