You’re quick to find reasons to enjoy yourself today, dear Libra, with the Sun and Jupiter forming a brilliant trine connecting your work and resources sectors.

You might feel particularly enthused about a project, business, or financial matter, and hurdles seem smaller as a result. Taking a second look at past ideas or projects can be particularly rewarding now, or you could find a lot to love with current ventures.

The key to success now seems more about building what you have than taking on new enterprises.

Even so, a Mercury-Mars opposition can pull up buried frustrations, if you have them, in your social life or with projects that don’t seem to be moving at the speed you’d like. Sharp words or disagreements are possible as a result.

Your cosmic gift is diplomacy; your ambiguity is your Achilles heel. You are likely to think about the needs of others before considering what’s best for you.

You are expected to have all the answers when it comes to relationships, but sometimes you just acquiesce to keep everyone happy.

Reexamine the underlying intentions behind your actions to be sure your willingness to accommodate isn’t rooted in a tit-for-tat control dynamic.

You have the right to follow your intuition and can partner with others without losing yourself in the process. Compromise is a two-way street.

The only thing better than to have the Moon return within minutes of Chiron, planet of healing’s return in your relationship sector yesterday, is having it here during his first full day in retrograde motion.

There has been a lot of pressure on you and your relationships over the past few years and while with Uranus gone from your relationship sector a lot of that is gone, it is now that the healing can begin.

With the Moon here things might get emotional, but this is the perfect way to kick off the healing process.

Today’s Quote: “Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.”

Lucky Numbers: 8, 9, 10, 16, 18, 23

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Fair

Business: Good

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