You could find yourself mulling over issues and reexamining matters today, dear Libra, particularly related to negotiations, deals, and partnership, as Mercury forms a square to Pluto, raising fears and ambitions.

You could be worrying about matters of security and stability, but an examination of your fears and deeper needs can help you to adapt to changes. Try not to worry too much if someone is not in agreement or doesn’t appear to share your values.

This can be a time when others easily touch a nerve with you, but in the process, they are allowing you to see some of the fears that can be interfering in your life. Consider whether it’s actually a buried or hidden aspect of yourself that is making you uncomfortable.

Your mind may be going to darker or deeper places today, but the process can lead to good ideas about how to better manage your life, especially with Mercury moving into a happy trine with Jupiter, encouraging you to look on the bright side later today.

It’s a good time, in fact, for releasing problems or talking things through with someone special in your life. It’s easy to raise yourself above the small problems as you take more interest in cooperating and sharing common goals.

Conversations can lead to creative solutions and new ideas and can be especially positive and healthy, mainly because you’re treating one another as true equals and not worrying about keeping score. Favored now are shared activities, games, experiences, and ideas.

Your optimism is authentic and straight from the heart today. Your positivity acts as a healing balm for your soul and can lift the sagging spirits of your loved ones, too.

Any journey of personal evolution is bound to have its difficult moments, but even those are made easier when you’re committed to learning from the full range of your experiences.

The happy, the sad, and everything in between has something of significance to teach. Live life to the fullest; your joy is contagious.

Today’s Quote: “Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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