Gather your people, Libra—and tell them to bring their friends! The Sun is making the rounds through Leo and your idealistic eleventh house, the realm of groups and collaboration. You’ve got until August 23 to enjoy this lighthearted transit, so plan your epic summer garden party or gather your favorite people for some rooftop bar meetups, beach outings and all the Instagrammable moments.

You’ve got a right to blow off steam anyhow, Libra, because July was one heck of ride. Not only was Mercury retrograde scrambling communication for most of the month, but two ground-shaking eclipses swept through foundational zones of your chart. Your career corner AND your home sector both got eclipsed, which may have brought a major move, a professional change or unexpected family news. Not that this was unwelcome, mind you: Many times, eclipse-fueled transitions can be positive, fast-tracking us onto our intended paths. The challenge for your balanced sign is that they arrive abruptly, whereas you would prefer a little advance notice!

So if you’re just getting your bearings back, make like a proper Libra and add some fun into the equation. Or adopt an “all for one, one for all” approach (another Libra strategy) and make it a group effort. The eleventh house rules activism and avant-garde ideas: It’s the zone of the future. If you imagine a better world than the one we currently live in (not hard to do these days), Leo season might inspired you to spearhead a community effort for a social cause or even to get involved in politics.

Starting locally could be just the thing because on August 11, outspoken and adventurous Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde backspin through Sagittarius and your third house of communication and neighborhoods. Jupiter is making a long visit to Sagittarius from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019, expanding your social circle and community involvement. You may have considered moving to a different district or town this year or started spending time in intriguing new circles.

Pondering a permanent change of address? With risk taker Jupiter in this curious zone, we recommend spending a few days in the places under consideration. You might Airbnb a place and see what it would feel like to actually live there. Are there cafes, yoga studios, bookstores—whatever your go-to spots may be—within reasonable walking or driving distance? Suss out the area to make sure that your happiest lifestyle can be achieved here. As one of the zodiac’s most social signs, isolating yourself is NOT be an option.

The third house rules commuting and transportation. If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels (bike, car, skates…your call), Jupiter’s forward turn could help you find your ride. Siblings also fall under the third house, and philosophical Jupiter’s visit could help a relationship with a brother or sister evolve to new levels of maturity. It’s not easy to set aside your childhood conceptions of each other—and even those feuds born of battling for parental attention or being compared by relatives. For the rest of the year, get reacquainted as two distinct and separate people and who knows: You could transform sibling rivalry into a renewed bond.

Also on August 11, changemaker Uranus turns retrograde for five months, back-spinning through Taurus and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and shared resources. The planet of disruption has been shaking up this zone for the long haul since March 6, 2019, and will continue to do so until April 26, 2026. Over the next seven years, you’ll undergo a slow but seismic change to everything from sex to relationships to the way you share power and money. Autonomous Uranus isn’t exactly comfortable in the permabonding eighth house, so prepare to entertain radical new ideas for how you can enter into something deeply committed without losing yourself. Unconventional relationships or boudoir experimentation could be part of this Uranian transit.

Retrogrades can bring back people and unresolved issues from our past. Did you shut the door on an intense situation…or was it left it open a crack? With volatile Uranus in repose, you might reunite with a smoldering ex. There could be a sudden breakup or a secret could come out into the open. Finances, especially joint ventures and real estate or legal matters, could become a source of stress and unpredictability. If you’ve overlooked important details or swept anything under the rug, Uranus retrograde could bring it all into the open to be dealt with. See it as a blessing, even if it happens suddenly and without warning.

Ultimately, by dealing with curveballs in a bold and honest way, you could break a suffocating pattern. If you don’t like the way things are going, speak up! Freedom is the goal here, Libra—and the only way you’ll find it is by voicing how you truly feel.

You’ll have plenty of cosmic support for that in the coming days. Wear your heart on your sleeve on August 15, when the year’s only Aquarius full moon blasts into your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Pass the mic! You’re all fired up, and you’ve got something to share with the world. Maybe it’s just a declaration of joy and celebration—and if so, a full moon fiesta or a much-deserved night on the town could satisfy your bawdy and decadent desires.

While emotions could get heated (drama alert!), you’ll be able to speak your truth now. A budding love affair could consummate into a full-blown romance—or at least, talk of one! Since the fifth house rules fertility, this fecund full moon could bring baby news for Libras of the childbearing set. If you’re an artist, performer or maker, these creativity-boosting beams will flood you with inspiration and also draw recognition for your talents. The spotlight awaits—don’t shy from it!

You can slip under the radar for quieter pursuits starting August 23, when the Sun begins its annual monthlong sojourn through Virgo and your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. Wrap up unfinished business before Libra season—and your next birthday!—arrives. Who do you need to forgive? What have you procrastinated on that’s still hanging over your head, and how can you complete that project? Don’t shy away from delegating or asking for support, especially at the August 30 Virgo new moon.

This new moon is a perfect moment to begin (or reboot) a spiritual practice such as meditation or mindfulness. Pause for self-care—and make it a regular part of your routine. With motivator Mars also in Virgo from August 18 to October 3, your energy stores could deplete quickly if you don’t pace yourself. This is a powerful time for forgiveness work, healing and creative projects. You’ll be extremely reflective, and your subconscious will be activated. Don’t be surprised if you have vivid and at times anxious dreams, or have trouble powering down at night. Turn off the backlit devices a couple hours before bedtime and wind down with a guided audio track, some gentle stretching or a book (print format, please). You’re clearing the decks for the red planet to race into Libra on October 3, a biannual visit that will totally jump-start your mojo and get your personal projects rocketing through the roof. Until then, you owe it to yourself to declutter your mind and space!

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