Work on your goals or escape for summer fun? Both options will compel this July, but it might be hard to choose anything with all the plot twists in store. On the one hand, two game-changing eclipses are pushing you to make bold moves around career and family. There’s also a double header of new moons bookending the month, which help forward the action. The fly in the gazpacho, however, is that communication planet Mercury turns retrograde from July 7 to 31, which could bring slowdowns or setbacks at a time when you just want to pass “Go.”

Prioritizing will be your saving grace while the Sun is in Cancer and your structured, success-oriented tenth house through July 22. Even as distractions abound, be valiant and stick to your agenda. Choose one or two meaningful goals to accomplish and let those anchor you. No matter where the cosmic obstacle course takes you, they’ll be a lighthouse in any storm.

Those goals might also launch you in a totally new professional direction—and quickly! On July 2, a total solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer ignites your professional tenth house, delivering a fresh start to your career or bestowing you with a leadership role. An opportunity to rise through the ranks could come out of the blue today.

Then on July 16, a lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in Capricorn and your fourth house of home and family. Have you been pondering a move, even long-distance? Thinking of buying or selling a home or expanding your clan? You may suddenly change directions

This is the midpoint of a two-year eclipse series landing on the Cancer/Capricorn axis from July 2018 until July 2020, which will recalibrate the balance between personal and professional matters in your life. If those Libran scales are tipping too far in one of those directions, prepare for a change! A new job, a change of address…these eclipses could deliver an extreme makeover to the most foundational parts of your life.

Your family of origin could be part of this eclipse path, as Cancer rules your tenth house of fathers and Capricorn rules your fourth house of mothers. Libra happens to be the sign right in the middle of those two. Major changes to your relationships with either or both parents could be underway. That balancing act becomes challenging on July 9, when the Cancer Sun opposes sobering Saturn in Capricorn, and again on July 14, when the Cancer Sun makes this same opposition to shadowy Pluto in Capricorn. Old dynamics and control issues could flare up. You may need to set clear expectations or boundaries. But under these polarizing aspects, you may only find yourself more deeply at odds.

From July 7 to 31, Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will turn retrograde. All of these areas can get tricky for you now, especially in the professional and social spheres of your life. From July 7 to 19, Mercury will back through Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology, which could strain group dynamics or throw a curveball into your collaborations. Hold off on any digital launches or bold social media statements now, as info-wizard Mercury could cause your message to be misinterpreted.

From July 19 to 31, Mercury will reverse through Cancer and your career zone. This could cause everything from server crashes at the office to tension with colleagues and clients. If you’re waiting for job news, there could be delays. Tread lightly in all professional matters for the rest of this month, Libra!

Some lightness arrives starting July 22, when the Sun shifts into Leo and your eleventh house of group cohesion. All together now! After the twists and turns of July, leaning on supportive friends is the medicine you need. Blow off steam by socializing and communing with your crew. You’ve proven that you can be strong and self-sufficient, Libra—and kudos for the valiant effort. But we weren’t meant to go through this life alone, especially if it causes unnecessary struggle and suffering!

The birth (or rebirth) of friendships is catalyzed by a lovely trine on July 26 between energizing Mars in Leo and ebullient Jupiter in Sagittarius and your third house of communication. This is THE day to gather with like-minded people to brainstorm and collaborate.

Then, on July 31, right as Mercury ends its challenging retrograde, the month blesses us with a second new moon. This one is in Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. From launching an online venture to formally joining a group effort, you’ve got the all-clear to move forward. A joint undertaking started at this new moon could unfold into something much bigger in the coming six months. Gather your people and get started!

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