New horizons await, Libra! In June, a plethora of planets will soar through the top of your chart, boosting your curiosity about the wider world and drawing you into the public sphere. Small talk won’t hold much interest for you this month.

With the Sun in Gemini and your ninth house of travel, learning and expansion until June 21, the first three weeks are ideal for blue-sky thinking. You want to talk about big ideas, take a leap of faith and soak up inspiration. If you can’t take an actual trip this month, start planning one!

The June 3 Gemini new moon opens a new six-month window of possibilities—and you’re eager to explore them all. From personal growth to career development to fascinating new friendships, this skyward trajectory helps you stretch out of your comfort zone. Got a brilliant startup idea—or an indie venture in progress? La luna in your entrepreneurial ninth house could embolden you to take a chance. While you’re in this metaphysical mindset, explore new modalities or devour media by a trailblazing thought leader. Keeping an open mind will draw exciting options your way.

It won’t take long for those starry-eyed dreams to gain traction. All month, motivator Mars is in Cancer, heating up your tenth house of ambition and professional success. But careful: This biannual transit can also ratchet up work stress with long, demanding hours and super-short deadlines. Prioritize, Libra, and direct your energy strategically. Burning the midnight oil for a career-defining move could pay off. But don’t sacrifice your Gemini-season need to dream and experiment. When you get frustrated, remind yourself that Mars will leave Cancer on July 1, and THEN you can get back to playtime!

But in the meanwhile, you’ve got power moves to make—and Mars gets extremely busy with those midmonth. On June 14, the red planet will form an opportune trine to enchanting Neptune in your sixth house of work, wellness and service. If you’ve been searching for a career path with more meaning, the opportunity might appear. Work that involves healthy living or sustainability could hold special appeal. The Mars-Neptune trine can bring support from mentors and support staff alike. It’s also an ideal moment to empower the people you work with, using your sign’s trademark graciousness to forge connections. Who says nice guys finish last?

At the same time, you’ll also have to navigate two intense Mars oppositions: to Saturn on June 14 and Pluto on June 19. Both planets are in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, which could stir up friction at home base. A loved one could feel threatened by your ambition and begin acting out. Or, in an attempt to be “helpful,” they accidentally (on purpose?) pour cold water over your dreams. Seemingly innocuous comments like, “Are you sure you really want to do that?” could undermine your confidence now. The tenth house, where Mars is, rules fathers, and the fourth house rules mothers. Some buried anger could bubble up toward your parents or family of origin, especially at the June 19 Mars-Pluto opposition. You may feel stressed or burdened by obligations to your clan. Is it time to break free from a confining role already? You could reach a breaking point—but ultimately, this can force you to get more organized.

In the midst of all of this, there’s a full moon AND a rare Jupiter-Neptune square ( to navigate. On June 16, expansive Jupiter and foggy Neptune will lock into a tense 90-degree angle, which could spin you into analysis paralysis. This is their second of three squares of 2019—the first was on January 13 and the next is on September 21. Look back to the beginning of the year for clues of what could surface now.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius and your third house of ideas and communication; Neptune’s in your analytical sixth house. This could be a recipe for overwhelm that will only waste precious brain cells. Libras have a hard time making decisions as it is—and when you’re confronted with choices that have an equal balance of pros and cons, you could go into full “deer in the headlights” mode.

Finding the right words to express yourself can also be tough during this Jupiter-Neptune square, especially since Jupiter is retrograde until August 11. When in doubt, wait it out. You may not have all the facts and figures, and you definitely don’t want to speak with authority on a topic you haven’t mastered. You don’t have to know EVERYTHING, but you won’t get away with bluffing. Likewise, don’t believe all that you hear today. Even if someone sounds convincing, check those references, and don’t feel guilty about Googling them!

But if you DO have something to say, you’ll be handed the mic promptly on June 17, when the Sagittarius full moon beams into your third house of communication. There’s no holding back today, Libra. You could have a powerful message to deliver through writing, speaking or teaching. A social media post could also go viral over the next two weeks.

Have you been searching for a new neighborhood—either to live or hang out in? This full moon in your local action sector can help you pinpoint the perfect new zip code. A sibling, neighbor or colleague may figure into events today. Got something to get off your chest? La luna in outspoken Sagittarius could clear the way for a much-needed honest talk. The full moon could find you fielding a LOT of options, so try not to get overwhelmed. Take in the range of choices and weigh their benefits and shortcomings.

You’ll be better equipped to focus starting June 21, when the Sun moves into Cancer and your structured, ambitious tenth house for a month. As el Sol joins motivated Mars in this driven part of your chart, it’s much easier to set milestones and approach them systematically. Choose your top priorities and pursue those, Libra. Inspiring #BossGoals await!

Be sure to keep it streamlined and simple, though. Also on June 21, foggy Neptune will start its annual five-month retrograde backspin through your orderly sixth house. Your discipline could get a little wobbly, especially if you take on too much. Instead of trying to do a million things to perfection, choose two or three summer goals (max) and do them really well.

With Neptune reversing through your wellness sector, some body image distortion is possible. Have your controlled eating habits veered into “orthorexic” territory? If you’ve eliminated one too many food groups from your diet, consider a more moderate stance now (especially because, well, summer!). We’re not saying you should abandon all discipline or ignore any doctor’s orders. Just make sure YOU don’t try to play amateur health coach without consulting an expert. The sixth house rules the digestive system, so if yours has been sluggish, consider a gentle cleanse or taking a microbiome test to assess your gut health. But again, avoid any self-diagnosing here—and if you’re behind on checkups, get those appointments on the books.

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