All hyped up or ready for a nap? This month will be a balancing act between wired and tired, at least for the first three weeks. With the Sun holed up in Gemini and your restful, introspective twelfth house until June 21, you’re commanded to conserve some of your energy and direct it toward healing activities. Hint: That might just mean taking more breaks, slowing down and packing less into your schedule.

The twelfth house rules closure, and this is an important time to release what no longer serves you. May we remind you, Cancer, that birthday season is coming up—and you don’t want to drag that baggage into another year, do you? The June 3 Gemini new moon helps you sort out what (and maybe who) you’ll keep around after you blow out the candles. These moonbeams also open a powerful six-month chapter for spiritual growth. Could you use some more Zen in your life, Crab? Find a mindfulness modality, whether you start a meditation practice, commit to morning journaling or walk in nature. Connect with anything that amplifies your inner voice; your intuition is your superpower!

But don’t declare it siesta season entirely. Concurrent to this, energizer Mars is making its biannual trip through Cancer from May 15 to July 1, hyping you up and raising your excitement through the roof. Inconvenient timing during your sluggish Gemini season, we know. To manage that, you’ll want to direct your efforts into impactful activities—ones that benefit YOU and your passions. It’s no secret that you’re a giver, but caretaking can also be a way of avoiding risks and vulnerability.

Mars in Cancer sounds the alarm: Affix your own oxygen mask first. Once that breath of fresh air fills your lungs, you’ll realize that it’s safe—and even fun—to be visible. And if you need supporting evidence, mark your calendar for June 14, when Mars swings into a flowing trine with enchanting and magnetic Neptune, which is in Pisces and your expansive, global ninth house. One of your solo endeavors or original ideas could have a huge ripple effect. Booking summer travel? Adventure awaits under this harmonious alignment. The Mars-Neptune trine could find you brimming with contagious curiosity, ready to dive into discovery. Go forth and see what lives beyond the edges of your comfort zone!

Just choose your companions with care. While Mars is super-excited about indie adventures, it will form two tough oppositions to planets in Capricorn and your partnership house. On June 14 (the same day as the Mars-Neptune trine), the red planet faces off with rigid Saturn. You could be all excited to try something new, only to be met with crossed arms and skeptical scowls. Talk about a buzzkill! While you shouldn’t let their resistance take the wind out of your sails, consider that there might be a nugget of valid feedback to glean. Why WON’T they get on-board? If you can handle the truth, this could be a growth opportunity. Try not to hear it as a “hard no” unless you’re certain it is one. And if it is, respect that…and go about your adventures solo or with other kindred spirits. You can’t force people to be ready before their time.

When Mars makes this same opposing aspect to powermonger Pluto on June 19, you could get even deeper insight into other people’s motives, including your own. The trick will be keeping your temper and emotions in check as these two combustible cosmic players could get into a volcanic showdown. Pluto rules the unconscious (trigger warning from the skies!) and can cause us to project our feelings onto other people. TBH Cancer, this is something you already struggle with as an empath—where do they end and you begin? But be warned that if you try to tell someone how THEY feel instead of simply speaking about yourself, it could cause them to erupt in anger. You don’t have to make it all better—you just have to listen!

In between these two dates, there’s a rare Jupiter-Neptune square ( AND a full moon, which will add even more energy to the churn. On June 16, the second of this year’s two tense squares (90-degree angles) between over-the-top Jupiter and obfuscating Neptune could overwhelm you with too many options and swirling thoughts. On the one hand, Neptune in this sector of limitless possibilities makes you starry-eyed about a growth opportunity. But checks and balances come courtesy of Jupiter in your analytical sixth house, which could bring a surge of micromanaging or perfectionistic behavior.

Look back to January 13, when the first Jupiter-Neptune square landed here. This go-round, Jupiter is retrograde, perhaps indicating that your inner control freak needs to take a backseat before shooting down the blue-sky ideas. As your fellow Cancerian Nelson Mandela famously said, “It’s only impossible until it’s done.” Jupiter and Neptune will continue traveling in a close square through October, making their third exact aspect on September 21. At that point, Jupiter will be direct (forward) and Neptune will be retrograde, so you can suspend all the fanciful thinking in favor of practicality. Until then, let your imagination traipse through more uncharted spaces!

If you must perform a proper analysis of a vexing situation or create some sense of order, the June 17 Sagittarius full moon arrives the next day, flooding your sixth house of health, fitness and organization with its bountiful beams. If you’ve been waiting for an answer on a medical matter or planning to revamp your wellness routines, this could be an important day. The full moon in your hygienic sixth house could inspire a deep-cleaning and declutter of the Crab castle.

You’ll get back in the zone on June 21, when the Sun enters Cancer for a month, joining red-hot Mars to launch you into a radiant—and racy!—birthday season. If you haven’t been turning heads and dropping jaws yet, get ready…attention could be coming your way. Prepare yourself to receive it gracefully and playfully, even if you feel awkward under the spotlight.

With both of these “yang” cosmic forces in your sign for the rest of June, your ambition is on fire. Dream big but keep it manageable. That same day, hazy Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces until November 27, which could give you a case of “grass is greener” syndrome. You may need to scale down a little if you’ve rushed ahead of yourself. Take the time to conduct due diligence over the next five months. Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

VIABased on materials from Astrostyle
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