Brick by brick, Taurus: That’s how you’ll build the roads and bridges that lead to whatever’s next for you. And if that’s still a mystery, don’t worry! You’re just baby steps into a much longer reinvention tour, which began on March 6, when trailblazing Uranus entered your sign for a seven-year adventure.

If life has felt topsy-turvy so far this year, that’s why! But at last, in June, you can start to find a bit of equilibrium. During this industrious month, your natural perseverance and solid work ethic will carry you through. With the Sun in Gemini and your second house of work and money until June 21, you’re ready to put some of your birthday-season plans into action. Luckily, the stars should cooperate!

As the natural ruler of that zodiac zone, you’re at peak performance during the first three weeks of June. Ready to monetize an idea or make a major career move? Prosperity could be yours for the taking, especially at the June 3 Gemini new moon—a once-a-year event that can catalyze your cash flow. You can get a fresh start around work, finances and budgeting, gaining momentum that will culminate at the December 12 Gemini full moon. Where would you like to be by the end of the year, Taurus? Ready, set, get to work!

The second house also rules daily habits and routines. If you’ve been talking (or thinking) about starting a fitness routine or committing to a consistent practice (yoga, writing, meditation, etc.), this new moon can help your efforts take root.

It’s also about “who you know,” Taurus—and the cosmos will be helping out in the social department too. All month long, energizer Mars is abuzz in Cancer, amping up your third house of communication and ideas. Brainstorming sessions can move swiftly to action steps. Conversations will be lively (and in some cases a tad argumentative with competitive Mars here). Even heated debates could spawn a rich pastiche of creative concepts, or at least they’ll clear the air and show you where everyone stands. Synergies spark and dynamic duo possibilities crop up daily.

No need to wander far to meet these kindred spirits, either: With Mars activating your third house of local travel and community, you could get things humming right in your ‘hood. Got a business idea or a gift to share with the world? A pop-up shop or small performance space could help you debut your craft on a smaller and more manageable scale. Writing, teaching and media projects also get a special boost.

Midmonth, things get really active in the stars, and Mars plays a big part in that story. On June 14, the red planet forms a flowing trine to manifestation magnet Neptune, which is in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A collaboration, either in-person or online, could take your ideas viral. Work your network, Taurus! You could feel instant synergy with someone—a meeting of the minds AND souls. Host a party, attend an industry gathering, jam with friends and colleagues.

That same day, however, Mars will also lock into a tense opposition with rigid Saturn in your ninth house of expansion and risk-taking. All the ideas flying around could overwhelm you, triggering a wave of inner resistance to change. As a zodiac sign that likes to have SOME semblance of a plan before leaping off the cliff, you might feel like you’re about to free-fall into the unknown. While you don’t want to slam the brakes, you might need to ease off the accelerator. With Mars and Saturn in these on-the-go sectors, you could feel a bit untethered, especially if you’ve been traveling or making a lot of changes. Give yourself a minute to integrate.

On June 19, Mars will make a second opposition to transformational Pluto, which is also in Capricorn and your growth-seeking ninth house. At this volatile face-off, prepare for some subconscious fears or resistance to come up—intensely. You may be the one pitching a grand idea only to bump up against naysayers or skeptics. Rather than get upset about it, get interested. Pluto rules the unconscious, and sometimes the people who irritate us the most are actually messengers. If you experience discord, dig deeper to find the motives before you fly off the handle. Issues with a sibling, neighbor or colleague could also arise. Inspect, don’t project!

As if that weren’t enough, there’s another big transit AND a full moon sandwiched in between these Mars moments. On June 16, the second of this year’s three rare Jupiter-Neptune squares could pull you into a confusing eddy. A square occurs when two planets lock into a 90-degree angle, inciting a tug of war. Given both of these planets’ propensity for wearing rose-colored glasses, you may not see a situation involving a friend or lover (or both) very clearly.

Expansive Jupiter is in Sagittarius, activating your eighth house of merging and spotlighting all things intimate and shared—from emotions to finances to sex. With a harsh beam incoming from nebulous Neptune in Pisces and your collaborative eleventh house, you may have trouble with a team project or a group investment. Is everyone putting in the same amount of time, effort and money—or is someone just talking a good game? Your normally solid intuition may not be as sharp as usual.

The first of these three squares was back on January 13, so reflect on how the year started. Were you navigating some strange interpersonal dynamics? At this Jupiter-Neptune clash, you may be tempted to blur a line with a friend or someone you meet online. At this square, Jupiter will be retrograde (backward). Don’t be too quick to trust this month…or to open your wallet. Lending money between friends could get dicey, too.

Jupiter and Neptune will continue to travel with a certain amount of friction all summer, culminating at their third official meetup, on September 21. Between now and then, tighten the boundaries around your inner circle. Watch for energy vampires and people with agendas, particularly ones from your past. Before you get into bed with anyone, literally or metaphorically, make sure you’re clear on their motives—and your own. Keep an eye on your data too, and protect the privacy with stronger passwords and encryption as this square could leave you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.

A major moment of introspection arrives on June 17, when the year’s only Sagittarius full moon illuminates this private and connective part of your chart. These moonbeams could expose a secret or bring a make-or-break moment to a key relationship. Are you ready to take a more permanent step with a business deal or talk engagement, babies or moving in together? At the full moon, you could make a decisive move. A real estate or legal matter could also be resolved.

Warning: Emotions can be raw and might bubble up forcefully, especially if you’ve been keeping them under wraps. Deep breaths, Taurus! You’ll feel everything intensely, especially since it’s a full moon, but reacting from a place of fear or vulnerability could leave you with a messy cleanup. Try to communicate your feelings truthfully but responsibly. If you’ve been waiting for news about an investment or to make a merger official, this culminating full moon could bring the long-awaited answers. Look back to the Sagittarius new moon on December 6, 2018, when the first seeds were planted.

Things lighten a bit on June 21, when the Sun moves into Cancer and your communicative third house, kicking off a vivacious month. You’ve been working hard, Taurus, and if things have felt too serious for your liking, you’ll welcome some levity now. Local events could turn up surprising opportunities—no need to venture too far! Socializing could lead to synergies. Get out for meetings, networking and catch-ups with your crew.

Just choose your company discerningly. On June 21, hazy Neptune will turn retrograde until November 27, a backspin that occurs at roughly this time every year. You might decide to pull back from certain friendships that feel draining and one-sided. Are you spending way too much time online or caught up in social media scrolling and swiping? Consciously log off (no phones at the dinner table!) so you can forge deeper connections instead of having a zillion superficial “friends.” Stay out of the compare-and-despair trap by nurturing loyal ties that can go the distance.

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