You may be the peacekeeper of the zodiac, but even you have your moments, Libra. And when your emotions escape like a genie on shore leave, as they are scheduled to do this Wednesday, February 13, you may not be able to get them back in the bottle.

That day brings the rare and intense mashup of aggro Mars and unpredictable Uranus in Aries and your seventh house of partnerships. While these two stalwarts align once every other year, they won’t merge here for another 80 years.

If you’ve been trying to tamp down mounting irritation, resentment or frustration in a key relationship, it might finally reach critical mass and explode like Vesuvius. This is what happens when you try to suppress something that needs to be released.

Conflict-avoidance is a chief motivator for your anger-averse sign, but it doesn’t serve you (or the other party) if you keep pretending that “everything’s fine!” No one is buying that anyway, so lean in to the honest if not-necessarily-tactful energy of this mashup and address this issue head-on.

This is how you’ll get through it for real—or be forced to admit that it’s time to part ways. But at least you’ll be grounded in your truth and can clear space for a more appropriate lover or business partner to come in.

Putting this off any longer will only add to the tension and subterranean rage. Rip off the Band-Aid, Libra, and move on already! Single? This transit could act like a beacon, shining a light on someone who’s been there all along with high keeper potential. With Uranus in the mix, you can definitely expect the unexpected!

If you step up to the plate and do your work on Wednesday, you could be richly rewarded the very next day! Passionate Mars packs up his gear and leaves your dynamic-duos zone and jets into Taurus and your eighth house of all that is mysterious, sensual and INTENSE until March 31.

Whatever your belief system or relationship status, things are sure to take a turn for the way-deeper during this six-week period. Commit to a daily meditation practice, study divination methods, take a Tantra class with your partner.

Since fiery Mars only returns to this realm every two years, you don’t want to squander one second of his electrifying energy! Since the eighth house also rules shared resources and investments, your thoughts may naturally gravitate to these areas this month and next.

Educate yourself to the degree needed, or just hire a pro to advise you. Steps you take now can yield ripe fruit by the end of the year.

Thursday, of course, is also Valentine’s Day, but with the love planets in sensible earth signs and two of your most private chart houses, you’ll be happiest keeping plans simple and intimate.

Your ruler, Venus, is in Capricorn and your sentimental fourth house while Mars is quietly smoldering in Taurus and that seductive eighth house, practically insisting on a private celebration.

Got a date? How about a tasty feast IN, with your favorite vino or champagne—and sexy playlist? If you do go out, pick a quiet, upscale venue where you can actually hear each other talk.

Baeless? While you could ignore the day altogether, as a romantic-at-heart Libra, the least you can do is go out with a close platonic pal and toast your enduring friendship!

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