Did you get that in writing, Libra? You might want to be more vigilant about your record-keeping this Monday, June 10, when the Sun forms its once-a-year opposition to enthusiastic, expansive Jupiter across your communication axis.

One minute, you may be inspired to pour your heart out to someone you hardly know, and the next, “the truth” feels like a moving target. With big, bold Jupiter spinning in reverse AND clashing with the blinding Sun, people will be making big promises; the kind you’re not convinced they’ll be able to keep.

The best you can hope for may be mixed messages and “definite maybes.” Of course, that nebulous energy can be supremely frustrating! Focus on the known quantities and the things you can control, and don’t waste energy on the rest. At the end of the day, empty proclamations don’t add up to much, and actions speak louder than words anyway!

Has money been burning a hole in the pocket of your high-rise jeans? On Friday, meditative Neptune in your sixth house of health flows into a healing angle with antsy Mars. Stress may be the culprit behind your knee-jerk splurges.

Skip the retail therapy fixes in favor of yoga in the park—or just take a picnic somewhere lush and green and unwind in nature. If you’re going to indulge, book a healing massage that will take the edge off. Also on Friday, work demands, real or imagined, could throw a wrench into plans to slip off for an early weekend. Action planet Mars in your career corner is in a dicey opposition with demanding Saturn in your domesticity zone.

Your devotion to your job is admirable, but your loved ones need and deserve your full attention. If a true “work emergency” comes up, deal with it as efficiently as possible. Tie up any loose ends, then get back to your personal life. While you’re at it, ask yourself a tough question: Are you putting in more effort than is absolutely necessary—and if so, why? (Or, are you avoiding something at home?) The only way to restore a career-to-personal life balance is with deliberate effort, even if it’s uncomfortable.

The devil is in the details once again this Sunday, when impatient Jupiter clashes with nebulous Neptune from the most persnickety corners of your solar chart. With these two escape artists at the wheel, we can guarantee that you won’t feel like dealing with anything “extra.” But if you go into denial, a minor molehill could blow up into an Everest-sized mountain.

For example, if your back’s been aching, make a doctor’s appointment or schedule a massage and nip it in the bud. Do you think someone’s been giving you the runaround? Set up a call to iron out your plan and get on the same page. Someone you hired to help you may be doing sub-par work. Hold them accountable, or find someone more qualified, Libra. You don’t have time to pick up their slack!

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