Steel your resolve, Cancer, even if you have to wall off your tender heart temporarily. On Monday, June 10, the Sun in your foggy twelfth house faces off with no-limits Jupiter, challenging your ability to say no—to anything! Any time you feel weak or like your boundaries are starting to blur, call a timeout and center yourself.

You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and you’d kick yourself later if you lost ground because someone tempted you with a momentarily thrill. You may have to dig deep to hit a rich vein of self-discipline, but it’s worth the effort! Worried you may slip? Ask a friend or colleague to be your “willpower sponsor,” and when you feel like you’re heading off the rails, hit pause and ping them!

On Friday, when soothsayer Neptune forms a flowing angle to Mars, you could seal an intimate bond by being courageously vulnerable. If you’re feeling the love, go ahead and share a few personal details; make your interest obvious. Remember: The people who belong in your life want to see your full range of emotions. So maybe you ARE putting them through a loyalty test by being so open. But it’s impossible for you to REALLY trust people until you see how well they deal with your (well concealed) sensitivities.

You may also find out who’s unshakably on your side and who’s a “double agent” on Friday, when constrictive Saturn in your relationship house issues a restraining order to straight-shooter Mars. Who’s going to win this one, Cancer? The trick is being the person with greater presence. (Big energy always wins!) Don’t concede important points just to play nice. Honesty is key, so stand firmly in your personal power.

Be sure to actually listen to the other party, however; with restrained Saturn in the picture, they might have some valid points, and it behooves you to hear them out. You may not come to a total meeting of the minds, but you should be able to strike SOME semblance of a compromise.

Treat Sunday like a one-day retreat when philosophical Jupiter gets into a dynamic dust-up with esoteric Neptune. As the planets form their second of three squares in 2019, you may be ruminating over a recent decision. Pull back and take a look at the situation. Did you choose the comfortable path out of fear or insecurity?

Or are you just scared to commit to something (or someone) THIS stable? As much as you swear up and down you like consistency, without a dash of drama, you feel bored. But don’t rush to make any binding decisions.

The third Jupiter-Neptune square won’t roll around until September 21, and by then, you could have a few illuminating insights. Perhaps it’s time to find your emotional highs (and lows) from a new source instead of one as critical as your relationship or career path. But then again, Crab, if you know you’ve settled, this could be your cue to break free.

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