Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Who’s the sultriest sign of all? You don’t need a looking glass to get the answer to that rhetorical question, Taurus! This Monday, June 10, the radiant Sun beams into opposition with expansive Jupiter in your seductive eighth house.

While you’ll enjoy the chase, some of those escapades can send you down an infatuation rabbit hole. The choice is yours, of course, but once you’re drawn in, you might lose sight of the bigger picture and act out of obsession rather than reasoned free will. Take a moment to reconnect to your higher values (beyond “best sex ever”) and hold out for someone who at least MIGHT have lasting value.

And when you meet someone who does, slow your roll so this doesn’t burn out in a blaze of glory. A solid, sustainable relationship takes time to develop. This holds true for any kind of important merging, from romance to a business partnership to a creative collaboration.

On Friday, you stand to benefit greatly from the hive mind’s input, when soulful Neptune forms a supportive trine (120-degree angle) to Mars. Before you pass “Go!” or make a unilateral decision that affects others, check in with Team Taurus. Since Neptune is the planet of illusions, there’s a chance that you glossed over a crucial detail, and having a few extra pairs of eyes on this can save you from making a costly mistake.

Expect delays on Friday, too, as restrictive Saturn body-checks assertive Mars, as the two form their biennial opposition. Just as you’re about to reach cruising speed, you may hit a string of flashing yellow lights. You’ll still have the motivation to push on, but since it’s hard to predict when Saturn will slam on the brakes, you want to be cautious about your rate of acceleration.

Go ahead and plan, pitch and promote—just be sure you’re not overselling it or yourself. If you’re doing market research, strive to stay objective. There will always be bigger and splashier brands, so don’t fall into “compare and despair” mode. Stay true to your vision, Taurus, and keep taking those strategic baby steps forward!

Don’t just “go along to get along” on Sunday, Taurus. Although free-flowing Neptune is cruising through your eleventh house of squad goals, a sharp poke from Jupiter won’t let you ignore your intuition.

You could get a strong “hit” about a plan and decide to make a last-minute change. Inexplicable as this may seem, trust yourself! Relocating the Father’s Day picnic to the other side of the park might be a momentary inconvenience.

But when you score the best grill or find a pick-up softball game going on (or an outdoor dance party), you’ll know exactly why your inner voice was calling. You might even discover that you avoided some drama that went down at Location A. Glad you avoided THAT one, Bull!

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