Stability returns to your home life this Wednesday, September 18, and not a moment too soon. After a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, grounding Saturn pivots direct and restores you to much-needed serenity.

For some Libras, your entire sense of security has been up in the air since April 29, or you may have locked horns with roommates or a recalcitrant relative. There’s no place like home, it’s true. But no matter how many times you clicked your ruby slippers, you couldn’t find your own personal Kansas on the map.

Thankfully, your “homing instincts” will resume this Wednesday, as steadfast Saturn helps you plant deep roots—especially in the months leading up to the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12. As much as you love variety, you need a solid base. Still looking for your personal oasis? Wise Saturn can now guide your decision-making process, so you can choose based on practical needs without sacrificing that Libra glamour in the process.

If you need to smooth some ruffled feathers with a family member, take the high road and suggest a truce or deeper discussion. (Or even family therapy.) But first make sure you know what your own limits are. Sometimes all it takes is clearer boundaries—and a way to enforce them—to keep the peace.

If you need to drop a grudge, you might be able to let it go at warp speed on Thursday when accelerator Mars lends clarifying insight to unconscious Pluto. Maybe you didn’t even realize you were punishing someone for a “transgression,” and yet, you haven’t felt quite so close to them for a while.

A Mars-Pluto trine isn’t about sweeping things under the rug, but rather, just laying it all on the table and taking responsibility for YOUR role in the meltdown. Since Mars is in your twelfth house of forgiveness, you may literally be able to “just let it go” without even having a complicated sit-down.

It’s possible that the only person you need to talk to is yourself as you realize the futility of trying to change someone into who you want them to be instead of lovingly accepting them for who they are.

Try to avoid planning anything too complicated on Saturday, when free-spirited Jupiter clashes with nebulous Neptune from the most persnickety corners of your solar chart. The bells and whistles you normally live for will suddenly feel “extra” with these two escape artists at the wheel.

Instead of taking care of everyone else, submit to your body’s cries for self-care. If your back has been aching, go get a massage or see the chiropractor. You can nip this one in the bud, Libra, instead of suffering.

Don’t block other people’s support if they want to pick up the reins on one of your plans. No, they might not do it exactly as you’d like, but is that the point? Don’t get hung up on appearances or finding the “perfect” venue or menu. Instead, remember that this is about enjoying time together with the ones you love.

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