Ready, set, bond! From romance to finance, relationships will find their “true north” again this Wednesday, September 18. After five confusing months of spinning retrograde in Capricorn and your seventh house of dynamic duos, restraining Saturn corrects course.

With one or more of the people you DEEPLY adore, you may have felt misunderstood or hopelessly out of sync. Even the most casual attractions have been tinged with heaviness since April 29, perhaps due to circumstances that made it hard to be light and free.

Even for longtime couples, Saturn’s backspin may have slowed down your romantic plans in frustrating ways. But all that’s about to change, and you should feel a huge sense of relief! With Saturn trekking through Capricorn until December 17, 2020, you’ll return to full strength and be ready to solidify important partnerships. On the most fundamental level, this three-year Saturn cycle (which began on December 19, 2017) is a master class on releasing control and allowing relationships to evolve organically.

If you want to build something with staying power, you have to ride a few waves to make sure you know what you’re paddling into. Waiting for reassurance that it’s “all clear” can be hard for your tenderhearted sign.

But Saturn rules time, so yes, the old chestnut DOES apply here: Only time will tell. But here’s the sweet part, Crab. Since Saturn plays for keeps, over the coming months (or while the ringed guru is in Capricorn until December 17, 2020), you may be delighted by an engagement, marriage or amazing business alliance.

On Thursday, you’re like a magnet, thanks to a high-frequency connection between energizer Mars and potent Pluto. But will you attract or repel? That’s up to you. With firecracker Mars in your communication zone, your words have serious pull, and Pluto helps you attract an audience. But don’t talk AT people, Cancer, tune in to their wavelength and craft your message accordingly.

This should be an interactive experience, so use your natural empathy to meet people where they’re standing, then begin the search for common ground. This approach works well with colleagues, and it will do wonders for your love life, too.

Step back from the public a bit on Saturday as philosophical Jupiter locks into a complex dance with esoteric Neptune. Too much socializing can overload your circuits, and as the planets form their third of three dynamic squares in 2019, you may be faced with a tough decision. Pull back and review.

Did you choose the comfortable path out of fear or a need for security? Or are you just scared to commit to something (or someone) THIS stable? While you need a large dose of consistency, without the element of surprise, your emotionally layered sign gets really bored. Don’t rush to figure this out though, Cancer, even if you’ve already gone through this whole push-pull during the prior squares on January 13 and June 16.

The complexity of a Jupiter-Neptune transit is like trying to feel your way through heavy fog. Maybe you need to look elsewhere for your hit of excitement, instead of destabilizing something as important as a relationship or your career. But then again, Crab, if you know you’ve settled, this could be your cue to break free.

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