Set up those fare alerts and check out the webinars your go-to gurus are offering this fall. Your expansion plans may have stalled when Saturn slipped into its annual retrograde this past April 29. But starting Wednesday, September 18, the cosmic coach gets back on track again, and you can pick up where you left off!

With Saturn lumbering ahead in Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, education and horizon-broadening adventures, go ahead and cast a super wide net. Saturn is the planet of mastery, so whatever path you choose to pursue, you’ll want to be guided by the best of the best. Perhaps you feel ready to join the “expert industry” and develop a curriculum of your own.

That would be a noble goal to pursue while Saturn is forging through elite Capricorn, especially as he’s inching closer and closer to transformational Pluto between now and January 12.

If you’re an entrepreneur or media maker—or have a manuscript inside of you that’s burning to be written—NOW is the time to follow the checkered flags and move ahead on that mission. The only caveat? Don’t accelerate too fast. Slow and steady wins meticulous Saturn’s race to the top.

Of course, on Thursday, there might be so many green lights that you simply can’t help but step on the gas. As speed demon Mars in your fifth house of fame gets a boost from magnetizer Pluto, it will be easy to not only draw an audience, but to captivate them as well.

If you have something to promote, get a buzz going on social media and among the more influential people in your social circles. But this isn’t just about spreading the word, Bull. Connect the dots for people so they understand how your offerings can directly benefit them.

This shouldn’t be a long explanation. Just spell out the problem you’re solving and paint a picture of how much better your plan/product/advice/program/idea can make life feel for them.

Your trademark tenacity (okay, let’s call it stubbornness) will come in handy this weekend, when a muddling square between Jupiter and Neptune may tempt you to stray from your values. Jupiter is experimental and Neptune basically has no boundaries, and in 2019, they’ve locked into this tangled 90-degree angle three times—on January 13, June 16, and now this Saturday, the 21st.

Each time, you’re challenged to stand your ground in the face of groupthink, and all the peer pressure that comes along with it. This weekend, you may find yourself squawking like a canary in the coalmine, alerting your flock to potential dangers on the horizon. While this might not make you the most popular person in the room, you wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself if you stayed mum.

But DO educate yourself before you sound off! Neptune is the planet of illusions and Jupiter can be rash. Is there really a cause for alarm or are you fearmongering based on unsubstantiated “news”? Get your facts from multiple, credible sources.

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