This week, you might get a firsthand lesson in the difference between helping people (your forte) and enabling them, which can happen DESPITE your best intentions. With the service-oriented Virgo Sun tucked away in your subterranean twelfth house, you’re in your yearly low-power, R-n-R mode, which is essential for you to reset your energetic baseline.

Yet on Tuesday, September 10, el Sol locks into its annual opposition to befuddling Neptune, which is parked in your sixth house of daily routines and service. While your caring sign wants to help a friend (or relative or colleague) in need, you may not be able to maintain healthy boundaries.

If you realize that you’re more concerned about their situation than they are or that no matter what you do, they “insist” on more, this is probably teetering on enabling, and that won’t do either of you any good. Getting stuck in the role of caretaker will leave you exhausted and resentful, plus they’ll miss out on the important lessons that come from doing the heavy lifting themselves!

Even if you find an agreeable balance later in the week, you may have one last “bout” of this interaction on Saturday, when self-empowered Mars faces off with Neptune, and stuff really hits the fan!

You might not be able to veil the annoyance you’re feeling on Thursday, when passive-aggressive Mars collides with blunt Jupiter in your communication corner. You’re normally the epitome of diplomacy, but even you have your limits—and you might hit them this week! One too many demands on your time or ungrateful people could be the straw that breaks the Libra’s back.

All week, you’re holding it in, holding it in, then wham! Someone pushes you one degree too far and you burst like a pinata. Knowing that this could happen, do your best to keep a low profile on

Thursday, and if someone is getting in your grill, let them know they’re close to crossing a line. And if they don’t back off, pivot and walk away yourself—even if they’re mid-sentence. You can resume talks when cooler heads prevail.

Hello, Glamazon! Your slumbering spell comes to an end as your effervescent ruler, charming Venus, hosts her annual soiree in your sign (from Saturday until October 8), this year with expressive Mercury shadowing her. You’ll be exuding the kind of glow that doesn’t come out of a jar. (It’s called being a Libra.) If you could use some inspiration, turn to other stylista friends for tips.

This confidence-booster isn’t superficial, either. When you know you’re “on,” it’s easier to project your best, most dazzlingly authentic self. A perk for singles? You can’t help but catch the eye of interested parties. But no cat-and-mouse games! If you’re looking for love, set your bar high and invite people to come try their luck! Attached? Prioritize bae, reconnecting to the friendship part of your relationship as often as the lusty side!

Saturday also brings the year’s only full moon in Pisces and your efficient sixth house. It doesn’t sound like the sexiest thing ever, but be honest: Wouldn’t you love the inspiration to clean up and declutter Casa de Libra? It’s the one thing you never find time for, but this lunar lift can motivate you to take one slow and steady step after another until your pad is the peaceful oasis you crave. Give yourself several weeks, but DO get started ASAP!

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