You will be consumed by your dreams. This month brings positive changes to your personality. Your love problems will be resolved. You’ll make smart decisions that will benefit you and those around you. You’ll have control over your emotions. Towards the end of the month, you may face family issues, but you’ll be able to manage them.

This month brings positive changes to your health. You will make progress toward your health goals. The alignment of the stars ensures that no major health problems arise. However, minor health issues may occur but can be treated with proper medical attention. There is no likelihood of previous illnesses resurfacing this month. A healthy diet is recommended to maintain good health.

Your career may not progress as expected, with disharmony in the workplace. To avoid making things worse, remain calm. Colleagues and superiors may not provide support if you seek help from them. Work hard to ensure success. Though targets may not be met on time, by the end of the month, things should return to normal.

Your health will make you feel proud of the changes you made to improve yourself. Situations at the office may cause stress, but don’t let them control you. Practicing meditation before and after work is advised to maintain your mental peace. On the bright side, all your love-related issues will disappear this month, and you will experience the joy of love in your relationship.

You will notice exceptional benefits if you travel for business or other professional purposes. There will be a large number of trips within the country that will yield significant profits. Whether you are attending a conference or meeting with a client, your trip will be a success. Your boss may be impressed and provide you with financial rewards. Family trips will be memorable.

Colors of the Month: Chocolate Brown, Grey

Lucky Numbers of the Month: 5, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, K

Cosmic Tip: Pay close attention to your surroundings.

Tips for Singles: It is time to show your talents.

Tips for Couples: Tell your fantasies to your partner.

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