Taurus is generally interested in the inner workings of everything, including the mind, the universe, and religion. You might become interested in something that you hear or read today. It’s a good idea to explore a particular field and gather as much information as you can. You likely have valuable insights that could be as useful as anyone else’s.

Wanting to achieve something is a common way of reaching it. Your determination and ability to understand the world are impressive. Your approach to the body may require a bit more flexibility. While perfection is what you desire, it’s not possible to be perfect. Be gentle with yourself.

You might be amazed at the impact of a disagreement on a couple’s romantic potential. As the planets move into an unfavorable position, communication on one level is becoming impossible. Talking about this issue with someone you trust can open the door to a new level of communication that may be infinitely more beneficial. It may take a while before you get the results you desire, but it will pay off in the end.

“Your heart is stronger than your mistakes, and it is stronger than your negativity. Your heart is strong. It is resilient. It will never, ever change, or spoil, or lose its ability to give all of itself to someone. It is capable of love, no matter what, and that is all that someone will see within you – that is all that someone will fall in love in.”

Colors of the day: Cyan

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: N, L

Cosmic Tip: You are enough, don’t try to be someone you aren’t

Tips for Singles: Cupid looks interested in matching you with a suitable one.

Tips for Couples: Communicate and let them know you care.

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