Men born between April 21st and May 20th belong to Taurus sun sign. Symbolized by the powerful Bull, they are sensible, down-to-earth, and practical about love; yet sometimes they are quite stubborn and possessive.

If you are dating a male Taurian, you will know what I am talking about. He can be very sensitive, but is also too good at hiding that most people never suspect it. So, how to hurt a Taurus man badly to let him manifest his anger? Check out this article to get the answer.

The Taurus male is often emotionally hurt when the wrong things are said to him; especially this man has a tendency of taking things too personally. He also gets really offended if someone plays with his emotions, since he has such a big heart and can get attached so deeply. In astrology, the man of the Bull zodiac sign is well-known for his stability and insecurity.

If you’re seeking a chance damaging a Taurus man’s feelings, I suggest that you should tell him the ‘truth’ about himself. Let him know that is not really as perfect as he may think. In general, you can do anything that belittles him or makes him feel insecure.

The fact that he loves to critique yet does not like it when the roles are reserved sometimes makes you annoyed. If there is anything that will work, it would be ignoring him. Being ignored made him feel out of place, so pull him away until he breaks the silent treatment.

Understanding Taurus Man Behaviors

Ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine love, Taurus man is quite sensual and aim to do everything to please his partner. He may act tough in public, but will gently whisper the sweetest things in bed. When he falls in love, he is satisfied. Finding someone who meshes becomes an issue for this guy.

Do not be surprised if he stays single until he’s middle age! Hard to change and stubborn, he just does things his way, his entire life. If you show him a better way, he will strongly argue his is still the best. Dating a male Taurian means you do not expect to change him.

Once it comes to his love life, he can afford to be more patient. He puts his cherishing lover on a pedestal, though he won’t treat her like a statue. He is not able to say ‘I love you‘ as readily as others, yet he will show his devotion by being unexpectedly generous. Of course, if he’s in love, he will become a possessive, slightly paranoid, borderline smothering house mate.

The significant thing when loving the Bull is to learn not discomforting his feelings as he is super sensitive. How to know when Taurus man is hurt? He would feel terribly wounded if you say any insult using broad vocabulary and less hints of vulgarity.

Do not pin point exactly what you view about him or use logic, truth, and facts to attack him; otherwise, his trust and secure for you will be crashed down. He definitely will disappoint if the one he invests emotions in destroys his feelings.

Have any question for the topic “how to hurt a Taurus man?” Actually, I’m not rooting for you to purposely try to damage someone’s feelings, especially men born under Taurus sign as they have a hot temper.

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