Whenever you think of Taurus, think of Ferdinand the Bull. The bull prefers to sit peacefully in a beautiful field of clover happily munching away the hours. However, when the red flag is waved, he charges at full speed with horns down. It is just as difficult to stop him from charging as it is difficult to get him up out of the clover field to begin with. Such is the case with your Taurus child. They will be a peaceful happy soul for the most part, but it will not take you long to realize that they are one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac. Once motivated, they will work very hard and they seldom do anything foolish without thinking through the consequences first.

Taurus kids are not disagreeable; they really love a peaceful calm environment. They are quite sensitive and once they find a system that works for them, they want to maintain the status quo so as not to create chaos and mess it all up again. They are stubborn about not wanting things to change because they simply like things the way they are. In order to get your Taurus child to embrace a new concept, you should tell them about it ahead of time. Give them time to mull it over in their head for a while and to decide that this would be a nice change. Give them time to think about how it could be done in a peaceful manner.

One of the most difficult things for a Taurus child is moving to a new home. Leaving all of their old friends and the comfortable security of their old bedroom is really hard on them. Give them lots of time to adjust to the idea before the move. If it is possible, show them the new house many times before the actual moving day. Let them walk through it with you imagining the way they will set up their new room. You may allow them some time to meet the new neighborhood kids before moving in. These sorts of steps make it much easier for them rather than to make an abrupt change.

Another example of this sort of approach is when your child is enjoying a play date with friends and you need to end the visit. Tell them ahead of time that you are going to have to leave in about 20 minutes and he should finish up what he is doing. Then in fifteen minutes, come back and tell him that it is time for cleaning up and goodbyes. This sort of pre-notice will help them to cope with change and transitions.

One of your biggest challenges with the Taurus child is teaching them how to maintain their temper. Luckily, they have a nice long fuse and it takes them quite a while to get worked up, but they have a really hard time cooling off their rage. The greatest gift you can give them is to teach them how to stop and find logical solutions to the problems that have caused them to get so upset. Get them to brainstorm other solutions and to tap into their deep thoughtful minds. If you give into their anger and bullying, then they will naturally assume that it is an effective way to solve problems. Teach your Taurus child not to go bulldozing through their problems. Teach them how to carefully pick their path that will make them happy and peaceful again. That is always their real goal when they are angry: how to get rid of the problem and be happy.

You will find your Taurus child is a very loyal and kind child most of the time. They really love their friends and family genuinely and want to be loved back at that same level. Taurus children are rarely superficial and flighty about anything; they prefer real heartfelt connections.

Taurus children love hugs and kisses more than most. Unlike an Aquarius child who is more likely to enjoy hearing the words, “I love you”, the Taurus child is more likely to enjoy the big bear hugs and sitting on your lap. Like Scorpio, physical touch is very important to the Taurus child, but it has more to do with the simple pleasure of feeling warm and cozy, than the deep psychological meaning that Scorpio attributes to it. With lots of hugs, you will probably find that Taurus children are very easy to bring up. /Thu Tran

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