Aries Zodiac – will be happiest discussing the origin of the food, the fresh herbs and spices they tasted and how much they love exotic foods. Then it will be off to another spot for dessert so don’t get too comfy.

Taurus Zodiac – will most likely have prepared the meal just for themselves and taken the time to eat it slowly. A big juicy lobster covered in butter followed by something to satisfy their sweet tooth will have this Taurus off to their favorite lounging spot.

Gemini Zodiac – will finish their last piece of pizza in record breaking time, tell everyone how great the pizza is, that they’ve been coming there for years, that “such and such” pizza is the best and then be off with a take-out pizza for a friend.

Cancer Zodiac – will be full but will keep going back for just one more bite of their macaroni and cheese, a favorite comfort food just to make sure they get that very last bit of cheese out of the dish. The perfect end to the meal will include anything that is dark chocolate. Comfort equals yummy all the way.

Leo Zodiac – will order another bottle of wine that has been paired perfectly with the spicy curry dishes they’ve just consumed and invite the restaurant owner to sit down with them while they gush about how great the meal was.

Virgo Zodiac – will be satisfied with their choice and yummy to them would be something with fresh ingredients like a big healthy salad served with all of the ingredients and as long as it was presented in an orderly fashion, they’ll be back for more in the future.

Libra Zodiac – will definitely most enjoy a meal that someone else has prepared for them and they’ll be happy eating anything as long as the restaurant is elegant and the staff are very attentive. Their reaction to the meal will translate into a nice tip for the server.

Scorpio Zodiac – will be all about the intensity of the food and if it’s super spicy, even better! Although the Scorpion rarely shows their true feelings, you’ll know it was yummy if they stick around for a dark chocolate dessert.

Sagittarius Zodiac – will be happiest with a selection of fried snacks made with curry and garlic or anything exotic. As they are generally unemotional, the yummy factor will be determined by what, if anything, is left on the plates.

Capricorn Zodiac – will definitely have a much different description of what yummy is to them since they prefer simple dishes that are healthy and earthy. Their reaction will be it was either good or it wasn’t.

Aquarius Zodiac – will have barely taken the time to savour the taste as they’ll be onto the next item, however they’ll definitely be the expert on whatever they’ve eaten and will happily provide any and all information that they have.

Pisces Zodiac – will have a dreamy look on their face along with a big smile and especially if they’ve just devoured their favorite fish dish as anything seafood is at the top of their list for “yummy”.

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