Mercury has just turned retrograde in your sign, dear Sagittarius, and will remain retrograde until December 6th.

Tremendous insights and possibly the beginnings of critical new ideas can emerge during this cycle.

While you may be putting your foot in your mouth from time to time, you’re also working on clarifying your thoughts and ideas, and you’re getting plenty of time and space to do so.

However, at the time of such shifts, misunderstandings are particularly prevalent, making it wise to slow down.

Decision-making isn’t exceptionally quick or pain-free now, but this does encourage you to take more time to look at issues from different angles, which can ultimately benefit you.

The Moon spends the day in your home sector today, encouraging you to lay low, rest, and relax just for the time being.

Surprisingly, you want to stick close to home today. Your wish is to be as comfortable as possible without any pressing concerns on your mind.

Lighten your schedule and stop worrying about becoming idle or bored. There’s plenty to do if you’re willing to be imaginative while the gentle Moon floats with dreamy Neptune in the renewing waters of Pisces.

Wade deeper into your meditation practice or try your hand at creative storytelling.

As counterproductive as it sounds, taking a trip to the spa makes more sense now than going to the supermarket. A day off is just what the doctor ordered.

You lack enough confidence, because of your own uncertainty. Despite emotions that you can hardly keep to yourself, you can expect positive changes guaranteeing success.

Avoid anxiety in order to bypass making mistakes that can delay your intentions in time. Keep calm and don’t immediately share your joys with your neighbors because they are envious.

The celestial configuration will encompass the prospect of change. Do not spend, pleased with future earnings, that you can’t expect too soon.

Asses the whether you overdo it with generosity, it may be perceived with malice and jealousy instead of gratitude.

If you are preparing to travel, protect yourself from thieves and unfair people who want to get you involved in a joint venture.

Thanks to the current astral configuration, the tendency to very rarely take the straightforward path toward anything, preferring to meander back and forth in a zigzag fashion toward your goals and plans, is likely to be increased. Don’t miss out on gaining benefit for yourself.

Today’s Quote: “Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

Lucky Numbers: 2, 13, 28, 33, 39, 44

Daily Compatibility: Aquarius

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