There’s sure to be a bit of a gap between your wishes and reality today, dear Sagittarius, but don’t waste time on discouragement; instead, give yourself a timeout before going back at it.

You’re more concerned than usual about your responsibilities now, whether it’s about professional obligations or tending to “business” in other areas of life.

You’re more aware of how others are perceiving and receiving you, and possibly a little sensitive to any feedback you receive.

While you are generally a free spirit, some accountability from time to time can help to keep you grounded, and that’s what the Moon’s current transit is all about.

As the day advances, we head into a Sun-Ceres alignment that brings you creative and pleasing energy for friendship, love, and business.

Friends seem to be genuinely concerned about your needs, or a sense of belonging in a group setting can provide you with a beautiful feeling.

Clarity is elusive when you need it most today. If things seem blurry, it could be that the lens you are peering through is not suited to the task at hand or some dust may have accumulated.

Take the time to thoroughly cleanse your perspective through meditation, wise counsel, or a good old-fashioned heart-to-heart.

Once the correct focus is achieved, you’ll know it. The crystal vision that materializes will be as informative as you need it to be. Preparation is key if you wish to see your future with an objective eye.

As she spends her first full day in retrograde motion in a nostalgic part of your chart, Venus knows how she wants you to spend the weekend.

And what Venus wants is usually what Venus gets, for she is the planet that rules through the heart.

As well as a desire for time out to relax and to hear yourself think, Venus is taking your heart on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. A pleasant nostalgic fog has rolled in and it is likely to be hypnotic.

Today’s Quote: “We could never learn to be brave & patient, if there were only joys in the world.”

Lucky Numbers: 17, 34, 37, 39, 42, 43

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

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