The Moon moves into the sign just behind yours, dear Sagittarius, and you’re inclined to reserve judgment, take your time with your feelings, and keep to yourself a little.

This is part of a natural cycle, even though it does seem to clash with a trend that recently came into your life encouraging you to connect, share, and collaborate.

Processing recent experiences is essential, however, and can help you bring your best self to your social life and projects, so be sure to take the time to find your center.

Tackle areas of guilt that may be preventing you from getting the break you need and deserve. Fortunately, a Jupiter-Saturn aspect today helps demonstrate the benefits of a moderate, balanced approach to your life.

With Jupiter in your sign this year, you’re often seeking opportunities to grow, improve, and expand.

However, it’s aspects like this one today that help smooth things over, reminding you that even good things require some tempering, and that slowing down from time to time does much good for you in the long run.

Changing priorities responsively comes as second nature today. If it is evident that one road is temporarily blocked, you can set out in a different but equally satisfactory direction virtually on a dime.

The ability to interact with people from all walks of life or parts of the globe with friendliness and sincerity can prove central to getting the most from a social event, class, or travel experience. Meeting others halfway is the key to your success.

Even after Jupiter returned to Sagittarius in November, even after your birthday month came and went and even while Venus has been here, something has held you back from fully embracing the future and the exciting journey ahead.

That something has been continuous planetary activity, a nostalgic part of your chart since October 2017, keeping doors to the past open.

The last planet left two days ago, with today’s nostalgic and reflective lunar vibes making one last sweep before finally closing and bolting the doors to the past.

Today’s Quote: “Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.”

Lucky Numbers: 9, 22, 28, 37, 38, 49

Daily Compatibility: Libra

Creativity: Good

Love: Excellent

Business: Excellent

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